Life With Bump | The Six Month Update

Life With Bump | The Six Month Update

As I type this, Bump is closer to his first birthday than his date of birth. How on earth did that happen? It is true that pregnancy seems to drag but once they arrive, time just flies by.  Anyway shall we get on with the six month instalment of Life with Bump?


Life For Bump

Big changes

It might be that both W and I are off work {due to W’s shared parental leave} but over the last four weeks we have noticed a real change in Bump. This will sound silly, because he is still only six months old, but it is like he has switched from a baby to a little child. He is much more inquisitive, constantly looks around for you and always touching and feeling things. We have noticed that, in the last week, he has also become a lot more sociable with other babies! It has been fantastic watching Bump grow and evolve. Did any one else find that the six month mark was a real watershed moment or is it just me?



I haven’t spoken much about routine on the blog. I was scared to mention it as there seems to be two camps of thought on routines in the mummy blogger world. Those who are pro-routine and those who are not. Deep down. I am a traditionalist. It therefore felt natural to me to follow what my mother did with me and have a routine for Bump.

Whilst we started our routine very early on in Bump’s life, it now seems that we have a boy that doesn’t like things not to follow a routine. We now have a morning nap, pretty much within two hours of waking up. In the evenings the bedtime routine is now nailed down. When we were in Madrid it was noticeable that, whilst we attempted to keep Bump’s routine as much as possible, he was very unsettled by a slightly different bedtime routine.

It is important to remember though that babies have no idea of time. So don’t make the confusion that a routine and schedule go hand in hand. What I mean by this is that I have realised there is no point in getting stressed if the routine doesn’t occur at the exact same time every day. Bump has no clue what time it is but what he does know is that when we start reading a book in his nursery that is the start of bedtime.

I may look back on this section of my update in a couple of months and think “what a load of rubbish” but at the moment I think Bump having an established routine since the early weeks has made him a better sleeper. As I say, I may be proved wrong and I appreciate every baby is different. But for Bump, having a routine works.


Chatty Little Man

I know that I mentioned this last month but boy oh boy do we have a vocal little boy!!! He is more vocal around W and I than anyone else. I guess that is natural, although I can be quite shy to start with when I first meet people so may be my personality is rubbing off on Bump. Being the pushy parents that we are {!} we are encouraging him  to be chatty whenever and wherever in the hope that it makes him slightly more outgoing. Encouraging a six month old to be chatty is pretty hard though!

Our pushiness aside, it is wonderful to hear his squeals of delight. My heart melts every time he just jabbers away with us and also to himself.  The cutest thing so far, is that his laugh is just like W’s. W doesn’t laugh anywhere near enough but Bump has clearly adopted his laugh.


Sitting Up

I read somewhere, when Bump was much younger, that babies prioritise what is important to them. This is why babies reach milestones at different rates and why, for example, some babies will crawl whilst others skip crawling altogether.

Bump doesn’t mind being on his tummy but he does get frustrated after a while, he would much rather be on his back or sitting. He has rolled from front to back several times {probably more by accident than on purpose} and also from back to front. He doesn’t seem all that bothered though. However, he is completely obsessed with sitting up.

He has always wanted to see what is going on, which is why the BabyBjorn bouncer was perfect for him when he was younger. Strangely for a boy who loves sitting, he hated the Bumbo. I think it might have been too restrictive for him.

However, Bump’s love of sitting has caused a couple of head bashing incidents. Nothing too serious but I think he gets carried away with the sitting and tries to move for something which, of course, causes him to lose balance and down he goes! Our living room and the playroom now therefore resemble a homemade soft play with cushions all over the place!


10,500 miles traveled

Regular readers will know that we have traveled with Bump regularly since he was five weeks old. {See here, here and here for some of our trips and here for my tips on newborn flying.}

Well on our flight back from Madrid this month Bump had a special visitor! The captain came to find him and present him with a certificate from British Airways for flying over 10,000 miles. Sadly Bump was asleep when the captain arrived but it was still a really cute gesture.

If you are flying on BA do remember to ask for a Skyfliers log book for your child. The crew will then arrange for it to be completed every time you fly. Certificates are given out at 10,000, 25,000, 50,000 and 100,000 miles flown. It is an extra cute thing to add to your babies memory box.


Life With Bump For Mummy

Getting Active

I have realised I am one of those people who won’t see their baby weight magically drop off them. I am not surprised. Weight and I have always had an interesting relationship. I know what I need to do. I have therefore been making more of an effort to active and healthier.  For me, being  in good shape before we even contemplate having a second child is a must.

In my five month update  {click here to read it} I mentioned that I had started a running again. I also made a promise to myself that I would start Parkrun in the New Year.  Having made a promise to myself, I couldn’t really back out!

I have now completed 3 Parkruns and I am trying to run three times a week. It is great to be doing something for me again. Something that gives me some time to myself and some of my identity back. I am also feeling really great for running again.

My first trip to our local Parkrun was after only 2 training runs but I was determined to run the whole 5KM however slowly. I had, in my head half set a time of 35 minutes {a long way from my PB of 28 minutes 30 seconds}. When I crossed the line pretty much bang on 35 minutes having run the whole way I was chuffed! I have since done 2 more runs and have managed to cut 2 minutes 40 seconds off my time.

This is really only the start though. I realise that if I want to be in good shape before we start trying for a second child then I need to do a lot more exercise and get in the zone. I appreciate it will be harder when W’s shared parental leave ends, so I am going to make the most of it now.


Creating a playroom

Those of you that follow me on Instagram, will know that one of our big projects has been to make a playroom for Bump. Well it is more of a playroom/study hybrid.  We need somewhere for W to work and also for me to create Birth of a Mummy!

Our house has a fourth bedroom/study which had become a bit of a dumping ground for anything and everything. Knowing the room needed to be sorted, we set to it on W’s first week of shared parental leave.  Regular readers will know that I love the Scandi look, so it will be no surprise that the playroom is Scandi influenced. Ok, so we haven’t finished it yet {maternity pay doesn’t stretch as far} but we are picking up little bits as we go. However, I have become slightly obsessed and seem to spend all my time on Insta lusting at all the feeds that feature people who are doing house renovations!

I am going to do a proper post on the playroom for the Travel & Décor section of the blog, so for now I am not going to say too much more as I don’t want to spoil the surprise too much.


The Stats

  • Age: 6 months
  • Length:  72 cm {At birth: 52cm}
  • Weight: 15lb 10oz {At birth: 8lbs 2}
  • Sleep: 🙂

And there we have it. Six months in the life of Bump. The seventh month update is already in the drafting stage. Please do not forget to comment below or join the Birth of a Mummy community to receive the amazing Birth of a Mummy newsletter directly into your inbox each week. As always, my lovelies, stay safe. 

Penny x

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