Shared Parental Leave | Did you see us on the TV?

Shared Parental Leave | Did you see us on the TV?

Wow yesterday was a crazy day for Birth of a Mummy. As many of you are probably aware, shared parental leave hit the headlines as the Government decided to launch a new shared parental leave campaign, known as “share the joy”. I was shocked, as I think many of you were judging by the texts I got during the day, that shared parental leave uptake in the UK is only 2%.

Those of you that follow me on Instagram and Facebook will be aware that we were asked to appear on two live national TV shows to discuss our shared parental leave {SPL} experience. I will save talking about our day on the TV until the seven month update in the Life with Bump series but there are some pictures below!


Did you see us on the TV?

If you saw us on the TV talking about SPL or have found Birth of a Mummy through social media, hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet, it is great to have you here.

You may like to know a bit more about Birth of a Mummy, you can find out all about me and my son, Bump, here and here.

Since the start of the year, my husband, W, has been on shared parental leave. We now call ourselves shared parental leave enthusiasts because our experience has been fantastic and we feel passionately about raising the profile of SPL in the UK.


Our shared parental leave posts so far

We have, of course, been blogging about our SPL experience, which you can read all about here,  here and here. You will also find a handy SPL menu button at the top of the page!

Please do stick around, do follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We will be posting more about our SPL  journey in the next couple of weeks before W returns back to work. Probably the best way to follow our site is to subscribe to the Birth of a Mummy newsletter which you can do by clicking here.

It is great to have you here. Have you or your partner taken shared parental leave? Are you thinking about it? If you aren’t taking shared parental leave, why not? Please do say hi in the comments below.

Penny x


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