Life with Bump | The Seven Month Update

Life with Bump | The Seven Month Update

Wow the seven month update in the Life with Bump series. With each month that passes we are creeping closer to Bump turning one {madness}. It also signals my impending return to work…. I am determined to make the most of the next couple of months as I am scared of missing out once he starts at nursery.


Life for Bump

This month has seen the Milestone cards be used on more than one occasion. Shall we start with the exciting bit first though….

TV star

For those of you who are regular followers of Birth of a Mummy you will have seen that we featured on TV, both on the BBC and Channel 5 news. It was really the most surreal day of my life and I still look back at it and think that it was all a dream. I am still refusing to watch myself back, I just don’t like seeing myself on things like that.

We were contacted on the Sunday by the BBC who found our SPL post on the internet, I still find it odd to think that there are total strangers out there reading what I have been up to! They wanted W to appear with Bump to talk about the Government’s Share the Joy SPL campaign. When the BBC realised I would be around, they asked if I would appear on the show as well. We had a nightmare getting to the BBC but we screeched in with 5 minutes to spare. They did subsequently rejig their programming which gave us a few more minutes to catch our breath.

After it all finished we just headed out into London as we were planning on spending a few hours having a wonder. The next thing we knew was that Channel 5 were contacting us to appear on the news.

Bump was a star though the whole experience {not many people saw his complete melt down in the reception area of the ITN building}, especially as his first tooth made and appearance the next day! My nephews watched the programs live and apparently after about a minute of watching my eldest nephew turned to his mum, looked at her and said ‘that’s aunty Penny’.

I look forward to the day where we can show Bump the clips of him being on TV. What a memory to treasure.



So we have two teeth. Both arrived on the bottom gum within 24 hours of each other. To be honest, I hadn’t really cottoned on to the fact that he was teething.

He developed a cold and went off his food. We also had a couple of nights where he woke crying {which is really unusual these days} but he wasn’t distressed or upset.

It wasn’t until he had a waterfall of dribble and became super fragile that we started poking around in his mouth {poor boy}. We then found that his bottom left tooth had made a bid for freedom and within 24 hours the right one had done the same.

He is fascinated by them and often sits with his fingers in his mouth and flicks his nails against them. It is really odd how fascinated he is about them.

We are now just waiting the appearance of the top two teeth, you can see them in his gum and he’s started dribbling a lot again. So watch this space……


Awareness of Others

One of the biggest changes that we have noticed recently in Bump is that he has become more aware of other babies and young children. For the first couple of months of his life, like most babies, he didn’t really do too much except sleep, eat and poo. Then he started to really interact with us. It is now noticeable how much he wants to interact with other babies.

We met up with some of our NCT friends, saw one of my cousins and her baby and my friend and her daughter {see below}, and each time Bump was banging his hands on his knees and jabbering away to the other child.

He is constantly trying to reach out to them and touch them. It is really cute to watch.  When we met my cousin’s daughter {who is 2 months older than Bump} he was so intrigued that someone else was stealing his toys to play with! He wasn’t sure what to do!

Having seen this awareness develop makes me feel a little better about him starting at nursery. I was really worried that Bump would just lie all day on a playmat whilst the other, slightly older children played around him. I was concerned he wouldn’t interact with any of his nursery chums. The change this month has put my mind at ease. I don’t think he will have any issues interacting at nursery.


Birth Weight Doubled

Don’t you just hate the monthly weigh ins? I  always feel like I am going to get a real telling off when I go. I think I feel on edge and that the health visitors are there to judge you for your parenting choices.

Bump has been putting on weight steadily since his initial weight losses when he was first-born {read about those here}. Whilst he has been putting on weight, it didn’t feel like he was putting on lots of weight like some of the babies in my NCT class. I was worried and kept asking my GP and health visitor but they didn’t seem too concerned. With hindsight, I might have been overly cautious. Given my breastfeeding issues, I think I was, subconsciously, worried that Bump wasn’t getting enough to eat from his formula feeds.

My worries weren’t helped by the fact that at every weigh in Bump was dropping down a percentile. We have moved all the way from the 50th percentile down to the 25th. There is good news though. Finally on his 7 month birthday {!} we managed to track a percentile- result! And there was extra news- he had finally doubled his birth weight.

I literally skipped all the way home from the weigh in, I was that happy! Clearly, the whole weight thing had been playing on my mind. I think it was partly my underlying mum guilt about not being able to breastfeed him. Anyway, huge relief all round.


Life with Bump for Mummy

Friends and Family

One of the many lovely things that we were able to do during W’s seven weeks of shared parental leave was to spend a lot of time with friends and family.

We spent time with both sets of grandparents, it was lovely for them to have some proper time with Bump. For me family is really important, I want Bump to grow up knowing all his cousins. I appreciate that won’t always be easy given that we all lead busy lives but I hope we can make it work.

It was also an opportunity for me to catch up with my best friend. My friend lives in the North East so we don’t manage to see each other that often. So it was super special when we had a lovely visit from her and her daughter. Given my earlier comments about Bump’s integration with children, it will be of no surprise that he was besotted by my friend’s four year old girl. I don’t think he could quite believe that she was here every time he woke up for three days! Bless.


Shared Parental Leave Drawing to a Close

And just like that seven weeks flew by. We had the most amazing time together.

I am sure by now you are all sick to the back teeth of me banging on about shared parental leave {SPL}. If you aren’t sick of me prattling on about it, well up in the menu bar is a whole section for you to indulge with. All I will say is that after having spent seven weeks with my husband and son I can firmly say that it was one of the best decisions that my husband gently persuaded me to make{don’t tell him I said that}. Yes I am going back to work early. Yes I am really anxious about that, but I think I would have felt anxious about my return whatever. Oh by the way, I am going to do a post about my anxiety around return to week in the coming weeks. So watch this space.

I really would urge any dads who are thinking of taking SPL to really talk it through with their employer if what is offered by their employer is pretty rubbish. The more fathers who decide to challenge the system, the more normal this will become. This in turn will have a positive impact on women’s careers and pay.


Diet Starts Tomorrow!

I fear that I am beginning to sound a bit like a broken record. Each month I seem to write about getting fit and losing weight. Regular readers will know that I have been doing a lot of running.  I thought it would be a great kick-start to my weight loss and that I would be at least another half a stone lighter once W returned to work. Sadly I was wrong. I simply cannot shift any of my post-pregnancy weight. If I am honest, it is really getting me down. Especially when friends are now back in their pre-pregnancy clothes and there is me in frumpy maternity wear.

I have been running three times a week but clearly I am not doing the right type of exercise. The other issue is my diet. Too many meals out, too much beige food, too much wine, a snack here, a snack there. My biggest motivation at the moment is Bump. I don’t want him to be teased at school because of how I look.

I now have two months until I return to work. W is back at work so he cannot keep suggesting unhealthy food. It is time to properly focus. I want to be back to pre-pregnancy weight by the time I am back at work. That means, the Joe Wicks HIIT sessions have begun and the Slimming World recipe books have been dusted off. I will do this!


The Stats

  • Age: 7 months
  • Length:  72 cm {At birth: 52cm}
  • Weight: 16lb 7.5oz {At birth: 8lbs 2} WOHOOOOO!!!!!!!
  • Sleep: 🙂 🙂 🙂

And that is the seven month update. Has anyone else found it really hard to get back to pre-pregnancy weight? What did you do to help yourself lose that weight? As always my lovelies, please do comment below or leave a message on my Facebook page. If you would like the convenience of not having to check my website for new updates, then why not subscribe to my newsletter? You will then get my latest posts directly into your inbox. 

Penny x

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