My Pregnancy Journal: Week 40

week 40Welcome to my updated pregnancy journal: week 40 (3 days overdue)

Surprise, surprise no sign of Bump yet. Technically by the time you all read this edition of my pregnancy journal Bump could be here. I am writing this on Wednesday evening and the post will go live on Thursday. I mean only 4% of babies arrive on their due date. Perhaps it is time we re-think due dates (more on this below).

The good news is, either way, in less than 10 days Bump will be with us! I am also trying to embrace the last couple of days of being a couple, as my Instagram followers will know!

Pains, twinges and tears

This week can be summed up in one word “uncomfortable”. I have been thinking back to how supposedly uncomfortable I was at week 35 and cringe a little bit. Week 35 has nothing on week 40. I’d imagine week 40 will have nothing on labour itself!

The period pains have been a lot more uncomfortable this week. That has been the main ‘internal’ change I have noticed. Oh that and being uncomfortable (that word again!) around the top of my cervix. I guess it must be the baby’s head that is pushing against my cervix.

Other than all of that, nothing else to report. Still no sign of Braxton Hicks….I am wondering if it is actually made up. You know some sort of myth.

The crying this week has ramped up a gear. There have been times when I have cried for no reason but on the whole I think that I have managed to contain my emotions quite well. I haven’t yet been found naked in the house with my knickers on my head in floods of tears! But now…. I seem to cry at the slightest thing, I was in bloody floods earlier over a silly series on Netflix. No idea why it set me off but it did.

Pregnancy Journal thoughts on Due Dates

Shall we talk about due dates. I posted about this earlier in the week on Instagram. The problem with being given a due date is that you hold on to it in your mind. So I am now 3 days over. I feel slightly disappointed that Bump hasn’t arrived. I know that is silly because he or she will arrive but I can’t help it. Maybe it is the hormones and the crying that is causing this feeling. I know I am not alone, as a couple of my lovely Insta followers said they felt the same.

By the time you read this, I will have seen the midwife. I am secretly hoping her prodding me might start things off lol! What is clear in my mind now, is that if she offers me a sweep, I am taking it. I don’t care. I will do anything to get this started.

All the others in my NCT group have now had their babies, so I am the last. I have a ridiculous worry about being last by a mile. It may seem silly but I don’t want to be last by too much, I think I will need their invaluable support.

My friend told me that due dates are calculated wrong in any event. If you think about it, they are a bit of a guess really. In France, pregnancy lasts 41 weeks and guess what they have many more on time babies than we do in the UK. Maybe its time that the doctors rethink the length of the pregnancy term?


I haven’t really felt the urge to nest, I have been very good at storing my energy whilst on maternity leave!

On Sunday though, I all of a sudden had an urge to sort the garden. My husband could believe it! I got down on my hands and knees and started work. Pulling up plants, trimming bushes, I even mowed the lawn (despite W’s pleas not to)! I am really pleased that the garden looks a lot tidier but it took its toll as I started to stiffen up as the day went on.


Ok, so not quite the same sort of nesting but I have been sorting out the garden.

Helping things along

So as I enter week 41, I now really need your help. Please do let me have your tips. So far we have tried:

  • Spicy food- yummy but nothing happened;
  • Pineapple- yummy again but nothing happened;
  • Raspberry leaf tea- gross but I keep drinking it hoping;
  • Tonic water- nothing happened other than I burped a lot;
  • Gym ball bouncing- great fun but does it really work;
  • Walking up and down the stairs sideways- caused me lots and lots of pain;
  • Sex- stupidly awkward; and
  • Long walk- just made me hot and laugh a lot as I was over taken by lots of slow people!

So come on ladies, give me your top tips. Who knows, if one of you comes up with the thing that triggers Bump to get moving you may even get a prize! 

I am now off to try and get comfy on the sofa and enjoy the last couple of days as a couple. No doubt, in a few weeks I will look back on this diary and laugh at all my moaning.

Penny x

STOP PRESS. UPDATE. I have been to the midwife and had a sweep. We have had a ‘show’, are 1cm dilated and midwife has felt Bump’s head. 😀

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