My Pregnancy Journal: Week 39

week 39Welcome to my Pregnancy Journal: Week 39

Guess what……still no baby! But is that completely unexpected?! You may have noticed that I haven’t posted much this week. Sorry I just don’t know where the week has gone.

I will tell you this though, this waiting around malarky at the end is hard. You know that excited holiday feeling you have on your last day at work? Well I have felt like that for weeks but I don’t know when the holiday is going to be! Using a holiday analogy is probably not the best in this situation but hey you hopefully get my drift.

I am not the most patient of people and my husband is proving worse than me!! I know we don’t have long to wait in the grand scheme of things but the time does seem to be dragging. We are also now down to the final two in our NCT group.

Ooo errrr, are we getting closer?

We saw the midwife at the end of last week for my weekly pre-eclampsia check and she said the baby was ready to launch! By that she meant it was in a good position not that the head was poking out..can you imagine! She was happy with me and how everything was going. I have two more appointments to go. One more pre-eclampsia check up and then my final midwife meeting which is booked for 40+3. The midwife said ‘hopefully we won’t be seeing you at week 40’. Hmmm!

I have noticed this week that I have had virtually no heartburn now. I have had lots of heartburn so I guess we will be able to tell if the old wives tale is true! People are also telling me that my bump has dropped.

This weeks biggest change has been that I have felt like have been kicked in the ribs. The midwife said that was a combination of the baby not having enough room and me being a short so and so.  The result is bruising of my rib cage! Yep, ouch.

I have been having a lot more pressure going down into my pelvis and pubic bone and at times when the baby moves it gets really uncomfortable. There is also a lot more pressure on my bladder and I am up far more times in the night than I was.

I think it is safe to say we are moving in the right direction! Thank god we are, I am not sure I could take much longer!!!

Final preparations

The great news is last week’s heatwave seems to now be over for now. I have not done very well in preparing meals and batch cooking….. Oooops! We did take a trip to Costco and stocked up on essentials, including plenty of food for easy to make meals. Therefore, I suppose you could say that we have made some progress with our preparations.

I am trying to keep on top of household chores. A little bit of cleaning and ironing every few days just to make sure that we are completely ready. I have to admit that I am feeling a lot better, much less tired and actually feeling very well, is this me nesting? There’s a lot more that I would like to do, for example, sorting out our garden a bit, but I also want to conserve my energy and relax.

Commando Dad

Thank God for Commando Dad 🙂

Talking of final preparations my husband got given a great present by his “work sister”. Those of you who follow me on Instagram, will have seen me post about it on Tuesday. At least he now feels semi prepared!!

Kick starting labour

There are a lot of old wives’ tales about getting labour kick started. In fact people have written articles in ‘proper’ newspapers about them!  The big question is do they work?

Well in my eyes it is worth a try.

As I mentioned last week we were planning on inviting some friends over for an evening of curry. Well we had our curry and I even bought and prepared a pineapple!


Pinneapple Pregnancy Journal

Given this is another Pregnancy Journal I think we can safely say that neither curry or pineapple have worked for me! The same is true for my friend who, bless her, is now over a week over due.

Not willing to give up on the curry and pineapple idea too quickly, we had some left over so I had that last night and still nothing…..

I think the moral of this weeks post is that everything is ticking along and that Bump will arrive when he or she wants to, curry or no curry. 🙂

That is it for week 39. I need to go and watch Johanna Konta in action and my husband is on his way home with raspberry leaf tea. 🙉🙈🙊

Do let me know lovelies what you tried to get labour started? Did it work? Would you recommend anything.

Penny x

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