My Pregnancy Journal: Week 36

Welcome to my Pregnancy Journal: Week 36

In an ideal world I would have started Birth of a Mummy in the first trimester but for reasons I mention here I was super cautious. Hopefully writing my Pregnancy Journal for the final few weeks of the third trimester will help the weeks fly by. Of course, in theory, week 36 might well end up being the only Pregnancy Journal entry I make!

The Heat

I haven’t developed any new symptoms this week, well apart from sweating profusely in the heat, oh and having huge swollen feet! I wanted to punch the Penny of my twenties in the face this week. How did I think being pregnant could be glamorous in 32 degree heat?

The good news is this is my last week at work, and whilst the UK heatwave is due to end in the next couple of days, at least I will not have to contend with an un-air conditioned classroom for the rest of my pregnancy. Classrooms are stinky places at the best of time, I mean twenty 5 year old girls do fart a lot, but when coupled with the heat, the smell is, how shall we put it, acquired! Whilst I have  been teaching, the majority of the time I have been sat down like this:

Reducing my feet

Trying to reduce my ankles: Week 36

Yes, I have resorted to teaching whilst being sat with my feet in a box of cold water! Thank god for the wonderful teaching assistants who help me on a daily basis.

Sadly, the water hasn’t stopped my feet from being swollen to, as an NCT friend said, the size of burgers. And when I say burgers, I don’t mean a Happy Meal burger I mean a burger this size!

Cowshed Udderly Gorgeous

My life saver: Udderly Gorgeous Leg and Foot Treatment by Cowshed

The heat has also at times made me feel extremely uncomfortable (no amount of cold showers will help) and grouchy. My poor husband is being subjected to all sorts of feebleness from me, however, he did win some husband points by purchasing me a pot of the Udderly Gorgeous Leg and Foot Treatment by the wonderful people at Cowshed. It has been a life saver when getting in from work. A product review will follow shortly.

Ok I will stop moaning about how hot it is, after all it’s not like this is unusual, hot days happen the world over. All I will say is that the heat has defined week 36.

Baby Brain

In terms of other changes this week, I have noticed how clumsy I have become, something that I thought I had grown out of years ago (yes I was a clumsy child!). I either have to have my husband trailing behind me to pick up everything that I drop or I have to work out some elaborate way to get down to pick up what I have dropped.

‘Baby Brain’ is also playing a big role this week.  I am forgetting everything, I am a very organised person but I feel anything but organised this week! Luckily I have remembered the basics and haven’t left the house naked…yet!

Physical Changes

Apart from burgers for feet and baby brain, not much else has really changed this week.

Bump has definitely dropped slightly. I am writing this ahead of a midwife appointment at the end of the week, so by next week’s update I will have some more news on position of baby and how far we are engaged. What I do know is that Bump is being very active and has been using my stomach as a punching bag!

I seriously hope the last couple of weeks don’t feel like 1453 days

My husband’s work colleague thinks Bump will arrive this weekend. I think she believes that so Bump can share a birthday with her grown up daughter. But in all reality I can’t see it happening, I have a sneaky feeling this might drag. I haven’t had a Show, no milk exploding from my tits, no Braxton Hicks (that I am aware of) and everything feels very normal. Well as normal as it can do when you are carrying around a 6 pound bowling ball on your front in 32 degree heat! Oppps I have mentioned the heat again!

That is it for week 36. I need to go and finish the final bits of my hand over notes to my mat leave cover. I am very much looking forward to a couple of weeks of rest and nesting.

Do let me know how you have all dealt with heat during your pregnancy? Do you have any tips?

Penny x


  1. Simone
    22 June 2017 / 9:02 pm

    A good facial spritz is a good option to keep cool. Something like clinique moisture surge is excellent as it’s Hydrating and fragrance free. You might also like this for Labour and delivery as your having a summer baby and labour wards can be very hot! Hope this helps. Xxx good luck!

    • Penny
      22 June 2017 / 9:17 pm

      This is a great tip Simone. I love Clinique products but your comment about using it in labour is something I hadn’t thought about. In fact, I have a post coming up over the weekend on my hospital bag and I am going to now add Clinique moisture surge to the list. Mr BOAM will be heading out tomorrow to get me some I feel!!

      Penny x

  2. Tamara
    22 June 2017 / 9:32 pm

    Gosh – I remember the swollen feet! Daniel was born 20th July, so I remember the heat in the classroom well. Instead of a tub of cold water, I would put them up on an upturned bin. Not a good look! In fact, I’ve actually had really swollen feet again this week and I’m not even pregnant, weird….some things just don’t go back once you’ve had kids I’m afraid.
    Glad to hear you’ve only got tomorrow left – hope they throw you a nice baby shower at work 😉 I actually had to leave work early in the end due to the amount of swelling in the end, so hope you can enjoy some ‘feet up on the sofa’ time very soon x

    • Penny
      22 June 2017 / 10:41 pm

      The feet in the water helped keep me cool, I’d alternate it with feet up on my gym ball that I put in the classroom. Definitely not a good look in a skirt or dress 🙈!

      I was going to work another week but I just can’t do it. So have decided to call it a day tomorrow and I’m so glad! I had my little baby shower on Wednesday and was spoilt by the parents today 👍🏻😀. Very much looking forward to resting with feet up next week 😁. X

      Oh, I just thought, Daniel and bump might end up sharing a birthday! X

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