When Penny asked if I would like to write a “guest post” about Shared Parental Leave, I won’t lie I was a little apprehensive. In fact, I probably looked as happy as Bump does in the picture above! Blogging is not my forte and talking about my personal experiences certainly isn’t something… View Post

January is always such an odd month isn’t it? Everyone just seems so low. I think it is because the excitement of Christmas has long faded, the weather is horrid and then there is the reality of the Christmas credit card statement landing on the doormat! It seems a lot… View Post

Big news in our household. Well it is old news to our friends and family, we just haven’t made it fully public online. W is taking the plunge and is taking shared parental leave {I am calling it SPL from now on}. So yes, the picture above, will be common… View Post

The four month update. If you read my last update in the ‘Life with Bump‘ series {click here to read it, if you haven’t}, you will know this is the first of my monthly updates. Having moved from fortnightly to monthly updates, it now seems like ages since I wrote… View Post