Life with Bump | One Year Update

Life with Bump | One Year Update

Well this update in the Life with Bump series is long overdue. I know I have not been around much, so thank you for your patience my lovelies. If you are wondering where I have been and why I have not been around much, I did a quick update post here which explains all. To say I am behind on this mini-series is a bit of an understatement. I am therefore going to roll instalments ten and eleven into this one year {one year!!} update. A further update covering the last couple of months will be up in the next couple of weeks.

The big news {California move aside} is that my little baby has graduated {!} from being a baby to a toddler! I know all parents blab on about how fast their kids grow up but it is true they really do. Especially in the first year, they change so much.  In one sense this past year or so has flown by, but in another, our life pre-Bump seems decades ago. I suppose that is a good thing? Let’s get on with the one year update my lovelies.

Life for Bump


Shall we start with nursery? I blogged about this six months or so ago, here and here, so I won’t go over too much old ground.  Those of you that follow me on Instagram, will know that the thought of dropping Bump off at nursery was causing me a lot of anxiety. I need not have worried.

Bump had an absolute blast. I think we were lucky because he was that bit younger than some of the other children, he was not really aware that we were dropping him off for an eleven hour stint on his own. We never had any tears at drop off and the huge smile at pick up time was just to die for.

The nursery were great, I know everyone says that but ours was really top notch. They update their app with pictures of Bump throughout the day and he really loved his key workers. We noticed a clear improvement {for lack of a better word} in his development and socialising skills {as much as a child at that age socialises, they tend to just play on their own}.

I was only going to have Bump in nursery during term time but when I handed my notice in at work we also told the nursery that we would be leaving for California. This may sound odd but I was really torn. I could see how much Bump loved it at nursery and I felt a bit of mum guilt for the constant changing in his early life. No sooner had he got settled at nursery then we were stopping it!

So nursery was a huge successes! I need not have worried at all. Bump will be going back to the same nursery in a couple of years, when we return from the US, albeit he will be in the pre-school group!

Moving Around

And we have movement! And boy are we making up for the months of struggling to move. We were a little slow to start moving. So much so that at his nine month review {when he was almost ten months, yep I don’t get why its called a nine month review then either} his gross motor skills were flagged as an area to be monitored. I wasn’t actually that worried. I knew he would start moving in his own time. He just wasn’t that interested in it at that stage.

Cruising started in late May and it was like something just clicked in his mind. He all of a sudden noticed how cool it was to be moving around. Sure we were incredibly wobbly but it was movement and he was loving it. We then had a couple of months of putting our hands up in the air, asking us for our hands so that he could walk around the house!

Clearly he had got a taste for this movement lark as we went what I’d call our ‘rolling phase’. It was all too much effort to learn to crawl properly so he just used to roll over, again and again, to get to where he wanted to go! It wasn’t the most efficient way of moving but kept him happy.

Then the breakthrough arrived. Just shy of his one year life anniversary he started to crawl. It is exactly like others say, out of nowhere they just for some reason put one hand in front of the other and start zooming all over the place. He is so happy now that he can to where he wants to go. Playing with his toys has become so much enjoyable. And it has meant he can discover new things, the favourite of which is sitting by our Juliet balcony window watching the comings and going in the street! It is like he is the local neighbourhood watch person! The great news with the crawling breakthrough is that he is now a lot less frustrated because he can move of his own free will.

It really is cute seeing him gain some independence. My sister in law very kindly lent us their walker that they had for their two boys. Bump just loves to take himself off to the walker, gets up on to his feet and sets off ! I can’t believe how fast he has suddenly taken to crawling, getting up and down using the furniture {or anything else that he can find for that matter} and walking. I wonder how long it will before we are walking on our own.


I didn’t return to work for very long. All in all it was only 8  weeks of work. In this time, I saw Bump very briefly in the mornings and evenings before bed. We had our quality time at the weekends. It was hard! But as I said earlier he loved nursery so that made things easy. What I failed to notice, however, was how much he was changing. I could never quite understand how W didn’t notice the daily changes before but once I was back at work I understood. You just miss out on all those little changes and therefore when you do see them you don’t pick up on them.

My first full day with him on summer holidays was a true joy, he laughed lots, we played and I was so happy to be back to being 100% his mummy {not that I stopped but you get my drift}. I’d be lying if I told you every day since has been pure baby bliss but that first day back was so special.  It was also at this point that I started to notice how much he had changed and the things that he could now do or how he could express himself.

Bump has always been a bit of a chatter box, babbling away to anyone who will listen. The teacher in me has noticed how the noises now are resembling sounds and he will try and copy what you say. This will sound silly but there are times when I feel that he is trying to say a word!

Along with his speech his personality is really developing. I can see the things that make him happy {finding Tiger is a favourite} and what he gets true enjoyment from {being Mr Neighbourhood watch it seems lol!}. I love to see his reaction when W manages to get home before his bedtime. Bump lets out this huge squeal, kicks his legs and leans out to have a daddy hug {**heart melts**}. These squeals appear when playing with certain toys too and, when we are out and about, he likes to make sure everyone knows that he is around {the chiller cabinets in a supermarket are a particular favourite squealing location}.

There have been lots of other developmental things as well. I guess these are all just part of becoming a little boy. Sure babies develop at different stages, I guess my time back at work has made those changes more noticeable. He now loves to play chase, throw and catch and, his favourite, peekaboo. Perhaps the cutest, for now, is that he hides things under the sofa and then raises his hands and shoulders and tries to say gone. He will then lie on his tummy and get it out again.

I can’t believe that my baby has grown up so much and is rapidly turning into a little boy. Right, that is enough gush for this blog post…how about me…

Life With Bump For Mummy

Weight Loss

Those of you that have been on this journey with me since day one will know that I have an odd relationship with my weight. Truth being told I hated how I looked in pregnancy. I hated how all my mummy friends returned back to being beautiful size 8s or 10s and there was me. Taking some inspiration from a friend I became really focused and determined on making a change to my life. I was so obsessed that my weight loss has featured in pretty much every Life with Bump post.

The amazing “go me” news is that I have passed my target weight! Since W went back to work at the end of shared parental leave I have lost three and half stone. And WOW do I feel good. Without going over the top too much, the change in how I feel has been phenomenal. My pre-pregnancy clothes are all too big for me, I can go into shops now and by nice clothes and know they will fit and look good. The result is that I feel so much better, healthier and happier.

I needed to lose the weight but it was about finding a regime that worked for me. I haven’t been on a diet I have simply changed my lifestyle. That is what I needed to do, a diet for me, is too temporary in a way. I will do a proper post about my weight loss journey as I feel that there is too much to fit into here. But I just wanted to say thanks to the two people who inspired me to change. One, probably doesn’t really she inspired me with all her healthy and active instagram posts and the other person definitely knows she helped me hugely, so thank you both you lovely ladies.

The One Year Stats

  • Age: 1 year
  • Weight: 19lbs 3oz
  • Sleep: zzzzzzzzzz

I have kept my update deliberately short. I want to talk about my return to work experience in a separate blog post. You may also be wondering why I haven’t mentioned Bump’s first birthday. Don’t worry it did happen! If I am honest I want to keep some bits of our life private. I hope you understand. For what it is worth, we had a fantastic day. And that is the one year update. If today is your first time on my blog, and you like what I have written, do give my Instagram channel a follow and for a bit of loveliness in your inbox please do subscribe to my newsletter.

Until the next update my lovelies…

Penny x

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