Nursery Tour

Nursery Tour

At Long Last: The Nursery Tour

This post is long overdue. I have been promising you all an nursery tour for a while and, if I am honest, I was hoping to post this before Bump arrived. Anyway, the good news is that it is finally here…the nursery tour! I love having a nose at other people’s homes so hopefully you will all enjoy this little tour.

BOAM Disclosure: We have just purchased a wonderful new camera. This one if you are interested. Anyway I am a complete amateur so appreciate my pictures aren’t up to amazing standards (and I am still getting used to pic sizing on Wordpress).  Please do stick with me as I learn how to become a better photographer! Once I am semi decent I will no doubt look back on this post and retake all the pictures. 


I posted months ago about our nursery inspiration. As we didn’t know Bump’s gender we needed to go gender neutral. My pinterest page (which I really must make more effort with) gives an idea of our inspiration.

I know it is rather clichéd but we love the Scandinavian look. If we had our own way, we would do build our Scandi influenced home. We fell in love with the look a couple of years back when we spent a long weekend in Norway. There is just something about the clean lines, hues of grey and pops of colour that I love.

Being brutally honest, pulling off a Scandi themed room, in a house that was designed by a major house builder three years ago isn’t the easiest. We have horrid PVC windows, bog standard doors and your average cream carpet. There is nothing Scandi about the room in its blank format.


We really managed to save some pennies with the furniture. Run of the mill furniture is, in my view, overpriced. Tag the word ‘baby’ or ‘nursery’ to the front and some of the money being asked is crazy. Especially when you consider the useful lifespan of nursery furniture. I seriously don’t understand why you would buy a changing table for, in my view, a crazy amount of dosh, when it is not really needed.

The cot was a hand me down. It has been in my side of the family for coming up to twenty years. My 19 year old niece (and Bump’s Godmother to be) first made use of it. It has been through her family, my brother passed it to my youngest brother who used it for his two girls and it then got passed to us. So it has a bit of family history. I think the cot is originally from Mama and Papas but I am not sure. The cot was pine, we decided to sand it down and paint it white one bank holiday weekend. So total cost for the cot was the price of some sandpaper and a tin of child friendly paint.

The newly sanded and painted cot which has been handed down through the family.

The chair also has a bit of history. I had wanted to go all out and get a Eames rocking chair. However, we had been planning to replace our kitchen table (something that has just been done) and so I had my eye on Eames chairs for the kitchen. I didn’t want to be Eamesed out.

W’s side of the family had the chair, which was passed to us when we moved in together. It was purchased from a show home in the early 2000’s. It is actually really comfortable and I have jazzed it up slightly with the ever faithful Ikea sheepskin mat.

My very comfortable nursing chair along with my Ikea sheepskin throw. Perfect for those middle of the night feeds.

Talking of Ikea, the chest of drawers is an Ikea faithful. We decided to go for a regular set of drawers rather than a changing top specific set so that we could get many years of life out of them. The changing mat was purchased from John Lewis. The floating book shelf and upside down spice rack are also Ikea favourites.


Where to start? Wow there are so many lovely accessories out there.

Let’s start with the items I was most excited about. The Cam Cam mobile was a must. I love it. It is also rather apt given that Bump is our rainbow baby. In another nice twist, the ribbon the mobile is hanging on, is left over ribbon from our wedding.

Our beautiful rainbow mobile for our rainbow baby.

The grey star black out curtains were a purchase from John Lewis and hit the spot. They are from their, little promoted, range called “Little Home at John Lewis“.

The Olli Ella basket was discovered via Instagram. Having read all about the company and their story, a purchase was a must (yes I am a sucker for a good bit of narrative but the style is just great). Anyone who knows me, knows I hate clutter so when I saw this I thought it would be perfect.

There is something about wooden toys that I just love. Call me old fashioned but I think they are just perfect. I fully appreciate we can’t deprive Bump of plastic toys but for now, especially when he isn’t bothered, wooden toys are the way forward. Bump was lucky enough to be purchased the Porsche car transporter by some friends of ours. W has an affinity to Porsches so it seemed rather apt. And Bump has got his first Porsche before his father haha! I have blogged about the London Bus before and the puzzle horse is something I have had for years.

London bus, puzzle horse and the Ikea spice rack!

The floor had been really annoying me. I knew it needed covering up. I then discovered the Nordic House website and saw this rug there. Ironically the rug is made by one of my favourite Scandi children’s brands, Kids Concept. Top tip: the fantastic Scandi Børn stock a lot of Kids Concept products. I love that they make good quality items that are reasonably priced.

Under the cot storage is provided by old wooden wine boxes that we had left over from our wedding. They might not be in keeping with the theme but they do the trick for now.

The Walls

I have spoken about the paint before. We started looking at lots of lovely grey colours. Someone suggested a slightly off white grey colour from Dulux for our hallway and landing. We loved it and had some left over so it seems the natural thing to pain the nursery walls with.

The bunting, which I absolutely adore, is from Mama Designs. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found it online and realised it was made by Mama Designs, a brand I really love.

Mama Designs bunting above a selection of our books.

The animal prints, which were on my inspiration post, were from poster favourite, Desenio. They are so cute and I feel they set the room off.

The very cute animal prints from Desenio.

One of the items I am most proud of is the elephant painting. This was another instragram find. We had been thinking of an elephant’s head but when I saw this print by Sian Jordan I fell in love. I won’t lie getting it framed was tricky but I think it looks great.

The elephant print from the fabulous Sian Jordan.

So there we have it, Bump’s nursery. It is still a work in progress. We need to be careful not over clutter it, given that the room is small. We will now start work on our study/nursery. I am going to get round to post an inspiration post on that when we return from America next month.

Do let me know your thoughts. Is there any other items you think we should purchase? What stores are your go to’s for nursery décor? 

Penny x

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  1. Rachel
    19 August 2017 / 7:23 am

    I love wooden toys too- I think it’s their simplicity plus the fact they’re not noisy.
    We weren’t convinced by the changing table idea but soon realised that kneeling over a baby was terrible for our backs and necks so invested in a cot top changer- it had a sliding shelf to keep the bits and bobs at hand and was well worth it. Sold it on eBay after for not much less than we paid!

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