Life With Bump | The Nine Month Update

Life With Bump | The Nine Month Update

So here it is, my last Life with Bump update whilst I am still on maternity leave. This is the nine month update. Of course, you will recall that because W took Shared Parental Leave, I had to cut short my maternity leave hence returning to work sooner. I have been trying to make the most of my time with Bump, the gorgeous weather has helped as well. There have been plenty of trips to the park where it appears the bouncy aeroplane is our favourite. Right let’s get on with the nine month update.


Life For Bump

Bedtime disasters

Bump’s sleep hasn’t featured on the blog much because, if I am honest, we have never had any issues with it. I was scared that I would be tempting fate by saying what an excellent sleeper he was. I also didn’t want to be that annoying gloating mummy and didn’t want to receive the wrath of my ACF either! We have just been lucky that since, about week six, he has slept through the night. One health visitor even told me that Bump must be ill because no babies sleep through the night {yeah that caused me a lot of mum worry for a week!}! So yep we have been lucky.

At the beginning of this month, however,  we started to develop a bit of a sleep issue. It coincided with the clocks sprinting forward an hour. Daytime napping was not an issue at all. It was at night-time that we had problems. I would put him down in his cot and before I even managed to move an inch away he would just start screaming. You know the screaming and crying where they get themselves so worked up they can hardly breath.  It was all really bizarre given he had been so good at sleeping. We hadn’t changed his routine, he wasn’t teething etc.. It sounds funny but we started wondering if it was the lighter evenings due to the clock change. So we invested in a Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind and for a couple of nights this seemed to work. Result we thought! Of course, night four of using the new blackout blind and we were had the same old issue of hysterical crying for sixty to ninety minutes.

So back to the drawing board we went. Really evaluating his routine we noticed that he wasn’t finishing all his evening milk before bed. He can take up to 9oz but he was having about 3-4oz. As soon as he hit the 3-4oz mark, he would start pushing the bottle out of his mouth and shutting his lips tight. Naively I just thought he wasn’t hungry. The following night, I introduced a five-minute break to his feed. So he would get to 3-4oz and refuse the bottle. We would chill out for a bit and then I would try again. And guess what he would guzzle the remaining milk and then go to sleep like normal.

It seemed Bump just wanted a little rest when he was feeding and had been going to bed hungry. Of course, huge mum guilt creeped over me but at least we had got to the bottom of the issue. A couple of weeks have passed and it is odd. Some evenings he likes a feeding break and others he doesn’t but at least the hysterical crying has stopped.


Nap Time Troubles

As soon as I had solved his bedtime routine, guess what….issues started with his naps!

He is happily going down for his naps was usual, he has two defined naps in the day. A shortish morning nap and a long afternoon nap.

The problem is with the afternoon nap. If Bump is finished sleeping, he will happily wake up and start chatting to himself. If he wakes crying, he needs more sleep. The issue has been that he keeps waking during his afternoon nap crying. I have resorted to putting on white noise to get him to go back to sleep. Of course, that has its own challenges as if he spots me in his nursery putting on the white noise he won’t go back to sleep. So I now have to sneak my iPhone into his room and pray he doesn’t see me. I am hoping that he will soon learn to properly self soothe  and sleep through his afternoon nap. Especially as he will be going to nursery soon and I really don’t want him disturbing the other children!



After W went back to work I finally got my backside into gear and booked Bump and I back into Hartbeeps Baby Sensory classes. We hadn’t been since before Christmas when bump was only about 5 months old! It was so lovely to go back, not just because Bump interacts so much more. He was so intrigued by each element of the sessions, laughing smiling, screaming and shouting his way through the class. This made me smile so much and also wrenched my heart a little that we can’t go any more as they run term time only. Does anyone know of anything similar that runs during the school holidays {when Bump won’t be in nursery}.



Last month I wrote about how Bump’s personality was really beginning to come through. As this month has gone on his personality has really started to shine through even more. Bump has always been a very happy smiley baby {we have been very lucky} but recently he has just started laughing at the most random, and in fact apparently invisible, things. He will all of a sudden just burst into laughter and if you join in he just carries on. It really makes me smile that he is such a happy little boy.

Not only have we started laughing we have started testing the boundaries a little bit. He has started throwing our food off his high chair and when I say ‘no’ to him he just laughs or smiles at me. I have to resist the urge to not just smile back!


Life With Bump For Mummy

Weight Loss Journey

I know it is getting boring me talking about my weight loss but to me it is something really important. And I seem to be winning the battle since my re-start last month.

Since then I have spoken with one of W’s colleagues who was getting fantastic results from a regime that she had started. I was getting good results but I was getting a little frustrated, I know that weight loss is a slow thing but I needed to see something more. Anyway, W’s colleague very kindly shared her regime with me. It isn’t for everyone and it is very strict to start with but there are many elements that cross over with Joe Wick’s style of thinking.


A New Regime

So I managed my first two weeks on half and avocado for breakfast, cold chicken and salad for lunch {sometimes with a boiled egg} and a carb free dinner with either chicken or fish. The regime is so high in protein that you don’t get hungry. I was still also doing my 15 minute HIIT sessions 5 times a week. The last thing that I did was I cut out alcohol! I made the decision not to drink until my birthday, that’s only 3 weeks in total.

There is one nice thing about this regime and that is you can have a cheat meal {or two}. So I was eating as above for 5 days a week and at the weekend I was allowing myself a couple of meals with carb or a biscuit or another treat.

The results after the first week were quite unbelievable and after two weeks I have lost 7lbs, that’s half a stone! I feel really good as I have now lost 1 stone 2lbs since W went back to work at the beginning of March. This week, I have reintroduced some other foods, like yoghurt and berries and nuts, and fingers crossed I will keep getting similar results.


Return To Work

My return to work is now imminent {in fact, by the time you read this I will already be back at work.}. Being brutally honest I have found dealing with leaving Bump hard. At times my anxiety has risen to the surface, resulting in a random burst of tears. The rest of the time I am somehow managing to be relatively logical and pragmatic. How, I have no idea! I guess the reality and inevitability of it have hit me and I know that there is nothing that I can do to stop it. Looking at the positives, I do have the luxury of school holidays, which is helping me break things down in my mind. However, I know that there will be plenty more episodes of tears before my first day back.

I am going to blog properly about it once I have managed a week or two and write about how things are going. I am going to truly miss my time at home with Bump but I know that for now, this is what I have to do. How I am going to get everything done I don’t know!


The Stats

  • Age: 9 months
  • Length:  77cm {At birth: 52cm}
  • Weight: We are waiting for our 9 month review
  • Sleep: See above


And that my lovelies is the nine month update. By the time you read this post I will be back at work. I am going to keep blogging and keep posting on Instagram, so do not worry I am not disappearing. However, over the next six weeks or so things may be a little quieter on here as I adjust to being a working mum. The best way to keep up to date is to subscribe to my newsletter. You will get a lovely e-mail each time a new post is published, meaning you don’t have to keep coming back to check the blog. 

Until the next update my lovelies…

Penny x

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