New York City, USA

New York City, USA

Those of you that follow me on Instagram will know that when I was pregnant with Bump, we discovered that we would need to travel to New York City, USA for a wedding.

When we told friends that we would be taking a five-week old Bump with us to the wedding, I could see them all looking at me wondering if I was mad. A wedding with a five-week old baby on the other side of the world. When I write it out like that it does sound a bit crazy. I would also be lying if there were not times on the trip when I had huge mum guilt and felt awful for dragging Bump across the Atlantic {my meltdown Insta post is here}.

In typical fashion for my husband and I we started planning the trip as soon as we heard we would be going. In addition there was the planning for Bump, which had to wait until after Bump was born. You can read about that prep here, it will hopefully be a helpful guide to all parents planning on flying with a newborn.

Anyhow, I thought all you lovelies might like to hear a bit more about our trip. This will be in two parts because, for our sins, we decided that we would also visit Washington D.C. whilst in NYC because, after all, it is only down the road from Manhattan…right?!



I will be honest. We treated ourselves when it came to the flights. W is an utter aviation geek and for some reason, which I can’t quite explain, gets a kick out of collecting Avios points. I have written before about this and what I said in my original post still stands true. If you want to know more about how you can fly first class for the same price as an economy ticket, head over to Head for Points. Rob who runs Head for Points was very helpful when we first set up BOAM. He is also a really nice guy and his knowledge about collecting points is second to none.

In a nutshell, through our everyday spend via the British Airways Premium Plus AMEX card, we had the following:

  1. A British Airways 2 for 1 reward voucher;
  2. Enough Avios points to fly to the USA and back in First Class on BA.

We aren’t millionaires by any stretch, this was all achieved through everyday credit card spend. If you would like more information do drop me a line and I can put you in touch with my husband for some tips.

Here are some pictures from our flight over.



Half of the bags that we took!



And off we go. Bump fast asleep on my lap shortly after take off



Lunch. The layout of First Class on BA meant that whilst Bump slept on the sleep next to us {see later pictures}, W and I could dine together.



Bump chilling out on the bed that the wonderful crew made up for him. I think they had him lying on three duvets and a couple of pillows! Bump was a delight during the flight.



Fast asleep at 38,000 feet with his Woof.



Touchdown! A very poor picture of Manhattan as we taxied to the terminal at JFK.


Hotels in New York City are two a penny. They are typically very small and are heavily concentrated around the tourist traps of Times Square and Midtown. They are also expensive for what they are.

We ended up booking into the Conrad.  We selected the Conrad for a couple of reasons. It is in the financial district so was reasonably close to the wedding venue. It is close to Tribeca, has a number of nice eating places nearby and is close to the Hudson River so you don’t feel as hemmed in as you do in other parts of Manhattan. We have visited NYC a number of times so we felt no urge to stay in the aforementioned tourist traps. This trip was going to be different, it was about spending time with family and friends and celebrating a wedding. It wasn’t a sightseeing trip.

The thing that swung our hotel choice to the Conrad is that all the rooms are suites. W went over to New York earlier in the year and stayed in a different hotel {here if you fancy having a look}. He found the rooms small and not very well insulated.

The Conrad being all suites meant that we had a separate living room from the bedroom. This meant that we could put Bump down in the evening and then relax in the living room before going to bed. It also gave us more space for all the stuff that we ended up taking with us!

I’d be lying if the possibility of a Conrad Bear wasn’t also another reason for choosing the hotel!

Booking the hotel was done through a travel agent that we use. Yep a travel agent. I know I too thought they had no place in this day and age! However, we use a special guy, Emyr from Bon Vivant. Emyr was recommended to us by Rob who runs Head for Points. Why do we use Emyr? Well, hotels these days offer their best rates if you book direct with them. Where Emyr comes in is that he can match the best rate offered by the hotel but for no extra cost he gets us extra perks. For our stay at the Conrad we received:

  1. A free upgrade to the next category of room {in reality at the Conrad all the rooms are the same as they are all suites, so our upgrade was to a river view room};
  2. Late check out {really good for when you are waiting for an evening flight back to London};
  3. Daily breakfast for two each day for free {breakfasts are ridiculously expensive in hotels so this was a god send}; and
  4. $100 hotel credit which can be used on a meal in the restaurant, drinks at the bar, a treatment at the spa etc.

So just by booking with Emyr we got all of the above at no extra cost. We now use Emyr for all of our bookings at nice hotels {think Intercontinental, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Conrad, Waldorf Astoria, Aman, Park Hyatt} as it seems a no brainer to us.


Bump’s welcome present from the Conrad. The Conrad Moose is now a favourite!


Pancakes for breakfast. Truly yummy and all complimentary thanks to Emyr at Bon Vivant

W’s avocado on toast. I took a sneaky bit of this- it was to die for.


Our days in NYC

As I mentioned earlier, this trip wasn’t about sightseeing. With family living in NYC, we have both done the city a number of times before. This trip was about catching up with family and friends, long lunches, long post lunch walks around Tribeca and along the Highline and helping with final wedmin preparations.  As such, I haven’t done a review of any tourist attractions or anything like that. The majority of my pictures are taken along the Highline {one of my favourite city places in the world}, in Chelsea Market and around Brookfield Place. Enjoy!



A grumpy husband!


Bump and his wedding outfit

I will be positing some pictures from our time in Washington DC in the coming days. I am also going to do a post on “Baby Essentials for Flying”. Hopefully this maybe of some use to you all.

Do drop me a line or leave a comment if you would like to know more about earning Avios points or about how to book hotel stays with Bon Vivant. 

Penny x

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