My Pregnancy Journal: Week 37

Welcome to my Pregnancy Journal: Week 37

Wow what a week this week has been! First things first, despite my comment in last week’s journal, Bump has not arrived.

The main change since last week isn’t a physical one but it has impacted on me physically in a very good way. My maternity leave has started! I could not be more grateful, pregnancy and schools are a tough mix in the third trimester, although I am missing my class and colleagues.

I don’t think I realised how physically exhausted I was last week when I wrote my pregnancy journal. My husband will say that I am always tired but last week’s tiredness was a whole new level. There is no way that I could have carried on for the extra week that I had originally planned.

Things were so bad last week that by Friday in my midwife appointment I glazed over. This, understandably, caused the midwife to go into panic mode.

Here there and everywhere

Talking of my midwife appointment, what a fiasco that was.

My midwife had my mobile number written down in correctly. This meant she couldn’t tell me of a change of venue for our appointment! We arrived, slightly late and out of breath, at the doctors’ surgery, to be told we were in the wrong place. After some gentle persuasion they rang the midwife to tell her we were in the wrong place and hadn’t forgotten. This meant walking home (still out of breath from the walk down!), getting the car, getting stuck in rush hour traffic and then waiting. 90 minutes, a lot of waddling and panic later we were seen.

Pre-Eclampsia Panic

All was fine except…..the bottom number on my bp was just at the top of the limit. The midwife also noticed I had really swollen feet (remember last week I was calling them burgers in my pregnancy journal!!!). This made her go into pre-eclampsia panic mode, which whilst well intentioned, stressed me out even more and made me, if I am honest, very, very upset.

The upshot is that I am now on weekly pre-eclampsia look out appointments, although I haven’t had any of the other side effects.

I know it is precautionary and, of course, I want to make sure Bump and I are fine but it has made me apprehensive. Hospitals, to me, are scary places at the best of times. I also have a real thing about having my blood pressure taken (no wonder it is always raised!). So to say I have been worrying is an understatement.

My sister-in-law (who by the way has just qualified as a doctor after 5 very long years…so proud of her!) keeps telling me I need to relax. And she is right. Being stressed won’t do me or Bump any good.

I hasten to add, my feet have not swollen up at all since Friday. I believe this is thanks to a combination of a normal temperature and relaxing whilst being on maternity leave! Woohoo! I can’t get enough of saying I’m on maternity leave at the moment 😁.

And we are engaged…with some Braxton Hicks

These Bump photos are really hard to pull off!

Leaving pre-eclampsia behind, the good news on the pregnancy front is that Bump is partially engaged, and has been for 2 weeks. Now I have heard conflicting information here. Apparently, this happens in the last 2 to 4 weeks of pregnancy or it can mean nothing at all and Bump will arrive in his or her own time….. I guess the key is to just being as relaxed as you can be. These things will happen in good time.

Of course, I would be lying if I said a lot of the time I am not thinking “Bump please just hurry up and arrive”.

I have also started to experience the odd bout of very mild period pains, I initially had no idea what this meant but I have been told by my GP it is “Braxton Hicks“. I am not so sure it is Braxton Hicks contractions, it feels nothing like I imagined it would, after all it just feels like period pains. The GP did not seem fussed though so I am trying to keep relaxed (ha- notice the relaxed theme in this week’s journal!).

Either way, I think we can say that things are ramping up on the pregnancy front! No doubt in next week’s blog I will be confirming that I didn’t have Braxton Hicks because I have had a serious case of it in week 38!

That is it for week 37.

As always, I love to hear from you guys, wether you comment below, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter please do get in touch, I don’t bite and, who knows, you could feature in a BOAM Top Tip!

Do let me know if you had pre-eclampsia. How did you deal with it? How did you all deal with Braxton Hicks contractions? Do any of you have any tips on nesting and things to prepare for post baby arrival now? 

Penny x

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