Maternity Clothes: A Necessary Evil


Now this is a post I didn’t think I would ever be writing. Anyone who knows me, will know that, whilst I like spending money on clothes, I am no trend setter! And maternity clothes are so not trendy. Maybe that’s why I am writing about them then!

My usual shops of choice are places like Crew Clothing, The White Company, Joules and Next. I must also admit that historically I have got a lot of bargains in the States where my go to shop is J Crew.

Being pregnant poses a whole new challenge. How do you make yourself look relatively cool and trendy with your body changing shape and size on an almost daily basis? Maternity clothes, in my view, really are a necessary evil!

Places offering maternity clothes are surprisingly common on the high street. But who wants to fork out mega bucks on maternity clothes? I think we are a lot better off spending our money on things for Bump than buying expensive maternity clothes for me.

Resisting the urge to buy

I was determined to stay in my pre-pregnancy clothes for as long as possible. After all aren’t all maternity clothes frumpy and horrid (this isn’t the case but that was my perception before I became pregnant). Not only did I think they were frumpy but I was worried about having another miscarriage or complications with this pregnancy. In much the same way as sorting the nursery made me feel like I was tempting fate, so did buying frumpy maternity clothes! It is odd isn’t it but last years experience made me super cautious.

I also found the thought of maternity clothes to be really unattractive. I mean how can anything look cool and trendy when you are carrying around a baby and you feel gross in yourself.

My cautious approach meant that I bought these Bump Support Bands from JoJo Maman Bébé. These things are ingenious and have saved me lots of money! They are designed to allow you to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes for much longer. They have buttons and button holes so that you can expand the waist of your own trousers and skirts. I ended up buying a couple of these bands and used them right the way up to nearly 20 weeks. They aren’t cheap but they are certainly cheaper than buying new clothes.


The JoJo bump band, an absolute god send at the start of pregnancy!


Taking the plunge and admitting I need maternity clothes

There comes a point in your pregnancy where, for your own comfort you need to buy maternity clothes. Although I do know of some ladies who managed to go through pregnancy without buying a single maternity item!

Having spent hours searching the internet for reasonably priced and sensible maternity staples (I know that everyone is going to have their favourites), I ended up buying a few things from H&M. I love their maternity jeans! So much so that I am on my second pair having worn the first pair out!! I kept wearing my cardigans. As we were going into spring and summer I didn’t bother investing in any special jumpers. Clearly if you have a winter baby then this will be something you need to invest in.

I also discovered New Look Maternity. New Look isn’t somewhere I always go but I found they had a decent range. I bought a couple of 3/4 length sleeve tops from New Look, like this one which is currently in the sale.


New Look

One of my New Look staples, their 3/4 length sleeve top.

I found that Next had some great stuff. This top was a particular favourite for work and this dress ended up being a staple item as well.

Whilst my wardrobe was rather repetitive at the end of the second trimester, I was really please to be in something more comfortable. I was also jazzing my outfits up by wearing semi flat shoes (like these ones from Hobbs I have had a similar pair for years) that I had purchased pre Bump.

And the heatwave starts….

Once it started getting hot I thought that it really was time to get some summer clothes.

MemeThis is when the High Street stores started to become a bit limited in their selection. Not least because I didn’t feel trendy enough to get away with wearing some of the lovely maternity wear from Topshop!

As we got well into the third trimester I did allow myself to go a little bit crazy! I invested in a pair of shorts and 2 vest tops from JoJo Maman Bébé. There stuff is great, I really do love it, although, it is a little more expensive.

I was lucky enough to have a wardrobe full of elasticated skirts from the likes of Joules and Crew Clothing that I could wear under the bump with my vest tops.

The summer term at work also meant there were a couple of parent facing events where I really needed to wear a dress. Again, JoJo Maman Bébé was great. I found two nursing dresses, one of which I saw a friend wearing and thought looked lovely! Even better, I was able to take advantage of their multi buy offer!!! I also intend to breastfeed Bump and thought that the money was worth the investment.


The JoJo nursing dress, a great investment for during pregnancy and after.

One slight issue

Those of you that follow my Instagram page will know that I have really struggled to find decent maternity bras. I am (some would say) lucky that I have been given large boobs, pre-pregnancy I was a 32FF. The likes of Bravissimo haven’t really been able to help sadly. So my lovelies if you have any suggestions of places to find decent looking maternity or nursing bras please let me know.

Where have you guys got maternity clothes from? Did you even bother with them? Do you have any tips on nursing bras?

Penny x

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  1. 10 September 2018 / 12:19 pm

    This article was so helpful. I am now 17th week pregnant and i am so excited about this.

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