A Luxury Summer Holiday in Spain

A Luxury Summer Holiday in Spain

January is always such an odd month isn’t it? Everyone just seems so low. I think it is because the excitement of Christmas has long faded, the weather is horrid and then there is the reality of the Christmas credit card statement landing on the doormat! It seems a lot of us {in fact more of us than at any other time of the year} battle those January blues away by booking a holiday. I am no different and have already started looking at where we can take Bump this summer. As regular readers will know, I love a good luxurious holiday or city break. I am not a snob by any stretch, it is just spending money on a great luxury holiday is “my thing“. We have decided on Spain. My experience of Spain is limited {five days on a cheapo girls holiday in my late teens is the extent of my Spanish experience!}, however, when I saw these amazing luxury Spanish mansions, I thought I had died and gone to heaven! How wonderful would it be to hire one of those out with all your friends and family and their children?


Why Spain?

Spain appeals for a number of reasons. Whilst Bump has already done his first long haul flight {click here to read about them}, we have realised as he gets more mobile, and whilst he still is classed as a “lap infant”, short-haul flights are the way forward. Spain being only two hours away is the perfect flight time.

The weather is pretty much guaranteed. We normally holiday in South West France each summer, sadly, however in recent years the weather has been awful.

The Spanish love children. The country is really child friendly and family life is considered important part of the Spanish way of life. Pre-pregnancy Penny would not have been fussed if a destination wasn’t child friendly but that has now all changed!

There are a huge number of different attractions to take little ones to in Spain. In fact, when I started looking at possible destinations, I was blown away by the number of great things to do for both adults and children.

The food. OMG- the food in Spain is to die for. There is fresh seafood, paella, tapas oh and how could I forget, churros.

Finally, call me mean if you like but, I want to see if W can really speak Spanish {he claims he can but in my book, getting a good GCSE grade doesn’t make you fluent!}.


Best regions for children

I have done a bit of research on this and think I have narrowed the best regions down to three places. Before I tell you my top three regions, I should add that in a couple of weeks we are off to Madrid for a city break with Bump. Whilst Madrid currently isn’t in my top three regions, I may well re-visit this article once we return to add it in!


1. Balearic Islands

I know, I know, so very predictable isn’t it! However, the Balearic’s are my number 1 choice for a reason. The islands seem great for young families and have amazing beaches. The majority of you will instantly think of Mallorca as *the* family destination in the Balearics. However, I am going to put it out there and say Menorca seems the better of the three islands for young families. The beaches look amazing. Santo Tomás beach, in particular, looks brilliant. It has all the facilities you could expect as well as a playground and picnic area. I also like the sound of Es Grau beach, the water apparently stays at about shin level for 130 meters! It seems the ideal beach for Bump’s first beach trip.   The Aquacentre at Cala’n Blanes also looks really great for children. Whilst the waterpark is small it does have rides that are suitable for children from the age of 1 which is something you don’t see at many waterparks. Menorca also tends to have quieter beaches when compared to places on the other two Balearic Islands, Mallorca and Ibiza.


2. Barcelona

Barcelona makes my top three because I think if you have slightly older children {I am thinking school age} it is the perfect destination for your family’s first city break. It has theme parks, a wax museum, a chocolate museum {who doesn’t love a good chocolate museum?!}, beaches, amazing parks and is apparently one of the most child friendly cities in Spain. If you have a football mad child, a visit to FC Barcelona’s home ground, Camp Nou, will be a must.


3. The inland part

I never thought I would suggest people take a family holiday to somewhere away from the sea. However, the interior of Spain looks amazing and is often forgotten by us Brits. There are castles, cute tiny villages and some really fabulous small cities. If you have a child that is obsessed by castles and all things medieval knights, they will be really impressed by going on holiday to see some real castles!


Where to stay?

The vast majority of visitors to Spain on a family beach holiday, tend to head to an all-inclusive resort. I can see the attraction but I do question how great these resorts are as they are not always cheap. Also the quality of accommodation, and more importantly when you have a young family, food, can be really poor.

This is where Luxury Retreats come into their own for me. I think Spain is the sort of destination where you are much better off renting a villa and really immersing yourself in the local way of life. Some of my favourite childhood memories, are from exploring foreign supermarkets and all the amazing types of food they had on offer. You can’t get that experience in an all-inclusive resort.

Being a family person, I also love the idea of renting one of the amazing villas {which can sleep a huge number of people} and having my whole extended family come and stay. I’d even consider inviting my ACF with all their little babies. It would be great; a proper huge family meal, children running around and playing in the pool, brilliant local Spanish food and wine. You get the picture. Even better Luxury Rentals offer a 24/7 concierge service to assist with your travel planning. Because lets face it the stress of organising a holiday for 20 people would drive even the most organised of us mad!


Spain 2018?

So there we have it. Spain, somewhere I haven’t really had a chance to explore before, but somewhere where I can see us holidaying a lot to in the future. The country seems so child friendly, the short flight time from the UK and the opportunity to be able to rent an amazing Spanish mansion so that I can share my holiday with all my family and friends, seem really too good to turn down.

I am sure lots of you have some top tips on holidaying in Spain with children. Please do leave them in the comments below. I would love to hear all your recommendations. 

Penny x

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post made possible by Luxury Retreats. As always, I only work with brands that I really love and would genuinely use the services of. 

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