Life With Bump: The Ten Week Update

Life With Bump: The Ten Week Update

The ten week update already? How?!

Before Bump arrived a lot of people I knew had had babies and were about to return to work. As I moaned about those last weeks of pregnancy dragging {see here} they were talking about how fast time goes once the little one has arrived. They were all correct. I cannot believe how fast the weeks are going by {and yes, I have failed in my mission to not mention time passing too fast in these updates}. Still this fantastic little meme (?) from Mush still holds true:

Right, enough of talking about time flying…lets get on with the week ten update.

Life with Bump for Mummy

A very serious looking Bump! He’s not quite got the hang of this selfie malarky!

I am not sure I want to make the following bold announcement, I might live to regret it, but here goes:

“Bump has proved, so far, to be a pretty straight forward baby”

As a result, I am really loving life as a mummy. Sure every moment is not easy or fun. However, there is so much to make you smile and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside!

Having written in my the eight week update {see here if you haven’t read it} about how pre-pregnancy Penny imagined that I would be getting all the jobs around the house done, I have started to let this go.

Sure the washing gets done, W has enough ironed shirts in the wardrobe for work and the house is tidy {but it is not clean, that is for sure} so I feel like I am winning slightly.  If I have managed one job a day then I feel like I have achieved something.

I do, however, feel rather proud that I have managed to shower and have a morning cup of tea {granted sometimes cold} every day since I have left hospital. From reading other mummy blogs, and discussing with some of my ACF, I don’t think every mummy can say the same.

C-Section Recovery

With every day that passes, I feel like I am getting stronger. I think the baby yoga I am doing is helping a little. That all being said, my body has a habit of reminding me that I am still in recovery at the strangest of times. I started laughing at the weekend and as I did all I could feel was pain around my scar. Hopefully this is normal and I am not falling apart inside. That would be pretty rubbish, wouldn’t it…laughing and enjoying yourself causes some kind of huge internal issue that needs a hospital visit.

Another observation {and my neighbour, who is about four months ahead of me on the recovery road, noticed the same thing} is that on one side of my scar, the tissue is completely numb. I am taking comfort from the fact that my neighbour has the same numbness!

I guess the message is that the c-section recovery is going to be a long and slow one.


I know that every new mum {in fact every mum} says how tired they are. To start with I felt ok but as the weeks have gone on and the interruptions to my sleep change from night to night, the tiredness has really crept up on me. I have even found myself wondering why we wanted to have a baby in the first place. Bump is on the whole a good sleeper, but when you have only just drifted off to sleep and you are suddenly woken again it’s not easy to remain positive. I do though then have to look at him during the day and the love I feel is overwhelming.

Weight Loss

Where to start? This is a slow journey, maybe even slower than the recovery is going to be from the c-section.

I am on one hand quite chuffed that I am pretty much in all pre-pregnancy clothes, although my trousers are held up with my bump band from JoJo Maman Bebe. On the other, we bought some new scales and the number that they read is not a good one.

I have to admit I was heavier than I wanted to be going into pregnancy and so I am not a million miles away from my pre-pregnancy weight. However, I am a million miles away from the weight I’d like to be.

To combat this some of my ACF have become part of a WhatsApp group which we have named ‘Fat to Thin’! We weigh ourselves every Monday morning and post our weight on the group. The aim, to motivate us to actually do something about our weight loss. So far….. not quite so good but we will get there.


Life with Bump: The Ten Week Update

First Vaccinations

Just because of the way things fell, Bump had his first set of vaccinations at 9 weeks.

My ACF had told me a few horror stories and suggested that I had better not expect to get anything done after Bump had had them. I ensured we didn’t have anything planned for the next 48 hours. The living room was prepared with toys and the moses basket.

Bump was a star when having the injections, although he cried he stopped pretty quickly. I welled up, I never even considered that I would get upset! I am not entirely sure why I got upset. It must have been because I saw him being “hurt” and that caused me to get all emotional.

By the time we got home Bump was all smiles and I was a little bemused. I got his first dose of Calpol in him and he seemed fine. However, things did start to change, he became fractious and clingy and cried a lot but after I administered the second dose of Calpol he was back to all smiles. We didn’t have a good night and I was up 7 times to him, so he was definitely still feeling the effects. This continued into the next day, and, although he seemed fine he just wasn’t quite his normal self.

All in all, nothing like the horror stories I’d heard and much better than I had anticipated.

Feeling the effects of his first vaccinations

Routine? What Routine?

I wrote in my last update {see here} that we were starting to develop some sort of routine, well I clearly spoke to soon. Week 9 was all over the place and I was thankful for Bump getting naps whenever and wherever. This also linked to a change in his sleeping at night, and we went from waking once, or maybe twice, to waking 3 or 4 or even 5 times a night.

Food Glorious Food

Bump’s sleeping change also coincided with Bump suddenly eating for England. I couldn’t keep up and my supply just wasn’t enough, so we were topping him up again with formula. But no matter how much food we tried to give him it never seemed enough.

Week ten arrived and he seemed to settle down. But he was still waking lots in the night, and had developed a habit of waking about midnight. This was compounding my tiredness, as I’d often only had about an hours sleep before his midnight wake up. Making things slightly worse was that W had one of those weeks at work. It probably seem alien to anyone not in his line of work. He ended up not being home before 10pm at all that week and on one of the nights he wasn’t home at all! He worked from 8am one morning right through to 5pm the following day. I won’t lie, it was tough for us all. I couldn’t turn to W for support at all.

Week ten wasn’t all that bad though, feeding during the day was settling down and he was feeding fewer times, although, I was having to feed him off both sides.

A Change to Bedtime

Amongst all this, I was sent an interesting article from one of my ACF about bedtime routines. We’d got into quite a nice routine with Bump going to sleep each night between 8.30pm and 9pm. The article said however that the optimum time, when a baby will feel the most tired is between 6pm and 8pm.

We decided, in a bid to also give W and I an evening together {when he wasn’t working the aforementioned crazy hours}, that we would bring Bump’s bedtime forward. This now entails a bath at 6.30pm and final feed before bed at 7pm. He has taken to this quite well and is generally asleep about 7.30pm.

Before Bump arrived we both said to friends and family:

“The baby is coming to live with us, rather than us living with the baby”

This was our way at trying to convince ourselves that life wouldn’t change. Of course, life has changed, but this new early bedtime routine has made a huge difference. W and I now have some time together to have supper and chill out. I am so grateful to my ACF friend who passed me that article!


Leaps and Wonder Weeks

Hands up who has heard of the wonder weeks? I hadn’t before Bump arrived.

I don’t know how many of you have heard of the Wonder Weeks, I certainly hadn’t until I was introduced to the term by a friend.

The theory is that over the course of the first two years of a baby’s life they will go through a certain number of ‘leaps‘, where they gain new skills and their development takes a huge step forward.

To me, the name Wonder Weeks doesn’t seem quite right because during these ‘Leaps’ babies become cranky, clingy and cry more readily.

As I was reading the Wonder Weeks App {click here for more info on it} I couldn’t believe it. Everything that had been stressing me and worrying me over the last couple of weeks suddenly made sense. The sudden change in eating habits and sleep patterns, the grumpiness and constant crying was all because Bump was going through a ‘leap‘.

The best part of the recent ‘leap‘? Well that was at the end of week ten when Bump started showing off his newly learnt skills. He had discovered his hands, he had found his voice {who though a “gaga” could give one so much pride} and he was holding his head better.

I now feel like I am ready for the next ‘leap’ and what it may throw at us!

The Stats

  • Age: 10 weeks
  • Length: cm (At birth: 52cm)
  • Weight: 13lb 1/2oz (At birth: 8lbs 2)
  • Sleep: All over the place!

Our happy little man

That my lovelies is all for the ten week update. I think when we get to week twelve we will go down to monthly updates rather than twice weekly updates. What do you all think of this leap concept? Do you think it is a load of old codswallop or does it ring true fro you? How were your little ones as they grew and developed?

Penny x

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