Life with Bump: The Six Week Update

Life with Bump: The Six Week Update

The Six Week Update

Ok, this edition of Life with Bump is over a week late, but I hope you guys will forgive me. When we returned from our trip to NYC and Washington DC (blog post coming soon), it took a while to get back into the swing of life and, if I am honest, the jet lag hit me really bad. In fact the jet lag made me so tired that I almost missed our 6 week check with the GP.

Anyway I am finally over the jet lag and I am back in a routine so I have found some time to pen the Life with Bump six week update. Shall we get on with it?

Life With Bump For Mummy

The last two weeks have been odd. I felt like we had just got Bump used to his surroundings and then we were off to the USA. A lot of our friends thought we were mad for flying with a newborn. I must admit there were times, in particular when Bump had a meltdown at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, that I did question myself and had a lot of Mummy guilt. I do have a couple of posts about our trip planned but I just wanted to say that the traveling was not as bad as I feared. It helped that we got waved to the front of the queue several times and people were on the whole very understanding when you have a newborn.

However, looking back, trip to the USA aside, life has settled down a bit over the past 2 weeks. Lots of people said the first 6 weeks are the hardest. And boy they are!! I just hope we are now through the hardest patch.

I do feel like I have grown into being a mummy. Sure the maternal instinct was there but, if I am honest, for the first four weeks I didn’t have a clue.  We have a lot more winning days than learning days at the moment! I can now anticipate feeds better and can understand the cries. I have accepted that there are just some days when nothing gets done, either because Bump is wide awake all day or just won’t let me put him down. In fact, I am typing this with him in may arms as he won’t go down today. He just wants to sleep on me.

C-Section Recovery

Having had my 6 week check I am cleared to do pretty much everything. I can drive again, yay!! This I am really pleased about, not least because we got a new sensible family car and I only got to drive it twice before Bump arrived. I have driven it twice today. Obviously I am making up for lost time!

I still have to be careful, I clearly did way too much in the first couple of weeks. I am, however, now doing daily walks with Bump in an attempt to lose a bit of pregnancy weight. The GP still is not allowing me to go running or head to the gym.

She also said and reminded me (as if I really need reminding) that I had major surgery. Therefore it’s gentle exercise only for now.

Thinking about a bit of sex

W will kill me for putting this up on the blog. Then again he works in a team of six at work and I know that they are all sharers! When I was discharged from the hospital I was advised that sex, for the time being, was a no, no. Thank god. I couldn’t think of anything worse at that stage!

However, at my six week check up the GP mentioned sex and contraception. I have been advised by the surgeon that I can’t get pregnant for at least another 12 months as my scar needs plenty of time to heal. Apparently, having another baby so soon, would not be the best thing for my health. It is something to do with a new baby causing my scar to rupture internally.

My periods haven’t started yet, so I can’t take the pill. The GP advised me that we need to resort to the good old fashioned method of condoms (which seem to have increased in price astronomically!). As I’m breastfeeding she said that they would do the job for now, then after 6 months I can go back and go on the progesterone only pill. It has less of an impact on your body. At Bump’s first birthday, we can decide if we want another Bump and start again. Gee god, I can’t believe I am even entertaining another child, yet alone “two under two”.

Life with Bump

Bump has also had a six week check up. It was bloody thorough. W turned a shade of green when I told him that our GP gave Bump’s balls a good squeeze. Unsurprisingly, Bump was not impressed by having his balls squeezed and promptly screamed the surgery down!

The result of the six week check up was that, in the words of the doctor, “he is perfect”.

He has continued to gain weight and is still following the 50th percentile.  We have had a little growth spurt, have fed for England and he is now out of all his newborn clothes (even those John Lewis newborn clothes that were huge on him a couple of weeks ago).

Combination feeding: An Update

Right, we all know that the whole breast v formula thing is a huge area of tension amongst Mums. At week two, Bump was too small so we had to top up with formula {see here to read all about my guilt}.

Well just before the four week update {see here}, W and I decided that we would start combination feeding. Well it has worked so well that we have decided to extend him beyond a bottle day. I must admit I feel a lot better about it. Bump is a lot less grouchy, sleeps better and just seems happier. It also means that W can take part in feeds. W says it has made him feel more useful as well.

Sleeping in his own nursery

The main thing that has happened for Bump, is that after we got back from the States he had two final nights in with us before heading to his nursery.

Those of you that follow me on Instagram will already know that we took the step. I know it is controversial.

Government guidelines and the wonderful Lullaby Trust state that a baby should sleep with you for the first six months. I am sure that parents who have sadly have lost little ones from SIDS, will have a very different view to us.

Our reasoning for this is that Bump has almost out grown his Moses basket. The next thing we have for him to sleep in is his cot and it doesn’t fit in our bedroom. So we wanted to get him used to his room whilst he can still fit in the Moses basket.

In addition, W and I slept in our own rooms from a very young age. We are not being reckless, we are, of course, following all the safe sleeping guidelines, have a monitor and keep both bedroom doors open.

We have, however, noticed a huge improvement in Bump’s sleep. Whether this be down to the bottle feeding or being on his own or a combination of the two we do not know. On his first night alone, he slept for over 5 1/2 hours and last night was over 6 hours. In fact, last night he only woke once between 10pm and 8am, wonderful for me!! Long may this last!!!

Swimming, Baby Yoga, Disco Baby

I have also signed up Bump for a number of mummy and baby classes. Swimming was a huge hit, we went with some of my ACF friends. Baby yoga was also great fun. The biggest hit, however, has been the sensory class we went to. Wow he loved it. He was gurgling away, talking to himself and smiling lots.

The classes have also enabled me to meet a whole new range of people. Being a mummy on maternity leave can be really lonely can’t it.

Before I bring week six to a close, here is a little update on the stats.

The Stats

  • Age: 6 weeks
  • Length: 60 cm (At birth: 52cm)
  • Weight: 10lbs 6 (At birth: 8lbs 2)
  • Sleep: Getting better. Normally the first stint is over 5 hours, then again 3-4 hours

That is it for week six.

If you do not follow me on the various social media outlets, please do. I am on Instagram, BlogLovin, Twitter and Facebook. Lets also get the comments rolling ladies. When did you move your little ones into their nursery? How did you find being a mummy on maternity leave? Was it lonely? Did you combination feed? How did you find it? I’d love to hear from you all.

Penny x

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