Life With Bump: The Four Week Update

Life With Bump: The Four Week Update

The Four Week Update

I promise my lovelies that the start of every Life with Bump post won’t start with a comment about how quickly time flies but oh boy…four weeks! How?! In my Pregnancy Journal I commented on how the last couple of weeks before Bump’s arrival were slow. And by slow I mean it was like time had stopped for about four years! Now Bump has arrived it is like time has gone into fast forward mode. I read online somewhere (in the early hours when doing a late night feed, no doubt) that from now until Bump is about 18 I will be wondering where the time has gone!


The fantastic ladies at Mush have got this spot on!

So, I make a promise, the six week update (and indeed the eight week update) will not start with some comment about how quickly time is flying.

Shall we get on with the four week update?

Life With Bump for Mummy

Tough. Bloody tough. That is how it has been for Mummy. Wow. It is hard work isn’t it. I wouldn’t swap Bump for the world but I won’t lie, there have been times in the last two weeks where I once again wanted to slap pre-birth Penny in the face. How the heck did I think that raising a child would be ‘easy’ compared to being a teacher of 20 something 5 year old girls? Seriously Penny.

It is relentless isn’t it.

Ok background is needed. As I discuss in the about” section, I have been a teacher for coming on for 12 years. Children are great. I hate to admit, I am so used to children, that I judge parents. I don’t think that is controversial, all teachers do it. As with all things in life, as a teacher, you come across all sorts of parents. The chilled ones, the focused ones, the ones who think their child is amazing, the overprotective and so on.

W and I used to go out for meals and sit there and roll our eyes at parents who couldn’t keep their kids under control. Being a teacher made my eye rolling worse I think. Well I take it all back. Every last bit of eye rolling and tutting.

In these first four weeks I have realised this. You can’t judge parents, even if you are dealing with kids day in day out like me, until you have had your own. Nothing can prepare you. It really can’t.

My C-Section Recovery

c-section recovery

At the two week update {read it here} I was finding my reliance on others a frustration. Looking back now, I did way too much too soon. I was a little eager beaver and wanted to be up and about. I should have properly listened to my body.

So I have spent the last two weeks, really listening to my body and guess what I feel like I am recovering well. The scar is looking great, although I will admit this, the baby belly makes it hard for me to actually see it. I did have a minor shock the other morning in the shower where I proceeded to pull out one of my supposedly dissolvable stitches out of my scar!

I can now carry Bump up and down the stairs without any issue which is a real achievement. My feet have also returned to their normal size- thank god!

The best bit of recovery related news is that I have finally stopped bleeding! It has only taken almost four weeks. I am not brave enough to walk around without a panty liner in my knickers just yet but boy it was so nice to go to the loo and not have to deal with the blood. Why does no one tell you about the bleeding by the way? Sure I expected in the couple of days after hospital but I didn’t expect it for almost four weeks. And, whilst I understand the reasoning for the bleeding, it is odd given that I didn’t have a vaginal birth.

So achievement at the four week mark is that I have stopped bleeding. I have also managed to walk the mile or so (and back) to Sainsbury’s. I think it is safe to say I won’t be completing any Ironmans soon!

Getting back a body I love

I have to admit to start with I was just relieved to no longer have the enormous baby bump that made doing the simplest of things hard. Pre-birth Penny thought that all of a sudden when Bump arrived things would be much easier. Again pre-birth Penny got that wrong. I didn’t quite take into account the after effects of giving birth and more specifically all of the soreness, bruising and swelling as a result of my c-section.  Once the swelling went down, I didn’t think I looked too bad. Yes you could tell I had recently had a baby but overall I was pleased.

However, in the last two weeks I have found it really hard to look at myself in the mirror. I am still in my maternity clothes, they are so comfy and, although, a little on the large side, they are the only things that I can fit in. I have had to make a couple of purchases recently and was somewhat disheartened to realise that I had to buy things that are 2 sizes larger than my pre pregnancy size.

The worrier in me is now concerned I will not lose any of the weight and forever be this size. I am determined to not let that happen. Once I get the six week c-section sign off, I will be doing every HIT class in town. For now though I am going to avoid the photos especially at the special wedding we have to go to in America in the next week or so.

Life With Bump

DogOne thing about my job is that no two days are the same which is something I love about being a teacher.

I am beginning to realise that my new job (CEO of my family!🙊) is also similar. No I am not stood in front of a white board teaching Bump things just yet! But no two days are ever the same. At this stage Bump is affected by a small number of things admittedly, but his hunger is different, his need for sleep is different and I am sure that my mood and emotions play a part too.

Some days I really do feel like I am winning at being a mum. He doesn’t cry much, he feeds and he sleeps. In fact most people who have been to visit have only seen that side of him. They think he is incredibly chilled and super easy.

This will sound selfish but I wish every day was that easy.  For every winning day there seem to be four times as many learning days. Learning days are those where I have no idea what he wants, what is wrong with him and despite trying every trick in the book he just wants to cry. These are the days where I just want to cry. Every time I hear his little whimper start, I just end up in floods of tears. I know you are supposed to sleep when the baby sleeps but cry when he does….. Hmmmm!

The reality is that really the learning days are days when I am learning the most about Bump. I am learning what he wants, what the different cries mean, what he likes and so on.

The Stats

  • Age: 4 weeks
  • Length: 56cm (At birth: 52cm)
  • Weight: 9lbs 4 (At birth: 8lbs 2)
  • Sleep: Pretty good (I think). Normally a 2am wake up and then another around 6am.
  • Hearing: A ok.

If you are a little geeky like me and into figures and facts then I thought you might like to know Bump’s vital stats! After the panic of the early days about Bump not putting on enough weight we seem to apparently be on track. I have whacked the hearing test results in here, I didn’t know you have to have them done but it makes sense.

Apparently I have a long baby which supposedly means he will be tall. Firstly, I have no idea if he is a long baby but secondly, I am short and my husband is not exactly the height of Lebron James (read W is short!). So I don’t quite believe all this “Bump will be tall” chat. All in all, good progress is being made on the stat front, health visitor is happy and Bump is happy. You can’t ask for anything more.

Breast feeding ups and downs

two of usFrom the start Bump has been good at feeding, his latch has been excellent and I haven’t struggled with sore nipples or painful feeding. I was told to top him up with formula and thankfully it made no difference to him feeding from breast or bottle. So it seems to be all ups doesn’t it really. No idea why I used the phrase ups and downs.

We have though started to combination feed. Just a bottle of formula a day. It has worked really well. It means that we have a better idea of how much food Bump is getting but also that W can help out. So instead of him sitting on his arse watching some rubbish documentary on Netflix, he can now be found each evening in the nursery bottle in hand (except when his beloved football team were on earlier this week, I let him off for that one).

I know that breast feeding is a touchy subject. I think the NHS line is that we must all do it exclusively. NCT certainly like you try to do it. And it seems that our parents generation were encouraged as well. There are loads of old wives tails about breast feeding. All I will say is that in my book “fed is best”.

It seems, amongst our friends and work colleagues at least, that the majority of us our combination feeding. It would be interesting to know your true thoughts my lovelies? What did you do and how did you find it? Did you feel pressure to breast feed.

Flying Solo

As I mentioned in my week two post for the last two weeks I have been flying solo. I am a worrier but I was pleasantly surprised that I transitioned reasonably well into life without daddy around.

There was one morning, after a learning day, where I broke down and begged W not to go to work. I just wanted him to be around us and help out. I used to think that being on maternity leave with your baby would be lovely, just the two of you. And it is but I can understand why so many woman find it hard to adapt and quite frankly lonely.

With two weeks of flying solo under my belt I am feeling like Bump and I have achieved something! Of course though, when W walks through the door I am thrilled. I have another human to talk to and an extra pair of hands!

That is it for week four. Please do follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Bloglovin. Oh and come on ladies, lets get the comments rolling below. Things have been rather quiet. What tips do you have for surviving the first few weeks? How did you manage? Are you combination feeding? Did you feel pressure to breast feed?

Penny x


  1. Laura
    25 August 2017 / 8:31 pm

    Sounds like you’re doing brilliantly Penny and your little one looks super cute. Glad to hear feeding and sleeping going well, there’s always going to be days it all goes haywire and that’s normal 🙂 good luck with your trip to the States, what an adventure!

    • Penny
      26 August 2017 / 7:36 am

      Thanks Laura. Indeed it is about realising the “learning days” happen for a reason and learning from them. I must learn not to beat myself up about them and just go with the flow!! Fingers crossed for our States trip, I am mainly worried about him crying on the plane. I am sure we will be fine. x

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