Life With Bump | The Five Month Update

Life With Bump | The Five Month Update

With W’s shared parental leave starting {read all about it here}, I haven’t had time to post the Life with Bump five month update. I have finally now found some time, especially as W is around and can look after Bump whilst I do more blogging and instagramming, so here is the five month update.

Life For Bump


So the guidelines say that weaning needs to start at six months. You know me, I am one to take the guidelines for what they are, a guide. So we decided to do things our own way! The more I progress on my motherhood journey, the more I realise that really you should use common sense when it comes to raising your baby. All babies are different and I do have a slight issue with being given advice that assumes that they are all the same. Anyway, we decided to use the guidelines as a guide and crack on with the weaning ‘early’.

It was obvious when we hit the four month mark that Bump was beginning to think about food! All of a sudden he became very interested in watching W and I eat. Most telling, he started to chew on his bottle rather than suck at feeds.  I therefore decided that I would give it a go. If he didn’t like it, then we would just revert back to the good old Aptimal.

So far it has been a hit. We are taking it all very slowly. I will admit that I haven’t started making my own purees. We were given loads of freebie bits at the Baby Show and so I am just using those. I have told him though that he won’t be getting Ella’s Kitchen for the next 12 months.

At the moment I am just introducing him to different tastes and if we miss a day or two I am not beating myself up about it. Having said all that, he seems to be really enjoying it! He is like a baby bird, and opens his mouth for the spoon. Very little food ends up around his face and he gets upset when you stop! Over the next month or so, I am going to start to increase the amount of solids but I will still to continue to take it easy.  So far though the saying “food before one is fun” is proving to be true!


Thumb Sucking

We have never given or tried to introduce a dummy to Bump. It wasn’t that I was against him having a dummy it was just the way it happened. He found his hands and fingers early on and used to suck away at them so there wasn’t ever any real need to give him a dummy. I recall giving him a dummy in something silly like week one out of sheer desperation to try to make him sleep. I can laugh about it now because there was no way he would take the dummy as it was designed for 9 month olds! Not quite sure how I didn’t realise this until about an hour later….just goes to show that in the early weeks you really are just muddling through.

It is clear that we now have a proper little thumb sucker. I am not sure if the “thumb-sucking” is hereditary at all but W was an avid thumb sucker apparently so maybe it is no surprise that Bump is. The good news about the thumb-sucking is that he is now using his thumb to self soothe and it is an easy sign that he is tired {as if the crying isn’t obvious enough!}.

Given the self soothing and his very young age I am not going to discourage the thumb-sucking. Maybe in years to come, I will regret the habit but there really seems little point in stopping it in the near future. In fact, even if I wanted to, I am not sure how you stop a five month old from stopping something like this.


A vocal little man

Wow we have really discovered our voice! If I listen hard enough, I swear that he can already say Daddy”. I joke. We are, however, discovering our voice box. Lots of happy screams, lots of gurgling type sounds, the odd “yayayaya” thrown in, raspberry type sounds and some high pitch squealing. It is interesting to note when he is vocal though. It is never when we are out or when unfamiliar people are visiting, if anything he comes across as a little shy in those situations. His most vocal time tends to be in the early evening and in particular at bath time. Did any of you notice that your little one was more vocal at certain times of day or around certain people?



Christmas is magical in my book. I love the build up, although this time it has felt odd. I think it is because I am not at work and therefore I am not surrounded by excited children and, of course, there is no school production.

Christmas will become more magical as Bump grows older. Clearly he had no idea what this year was all about. If anything he was rather overwhelmed by all the people and noise. He was, however, thoroughly spoilt by his grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and godparents.

We had kind of guessed that he might be given a couple of presents so, being bad parents, we did seriously consider not getting him anything for Christmas. However, I just couldn’t resist some of the lovely gifts in the shops and we ended up getting him a number of little bits.  What is clear from the photo below is that he wasn’t too impressed with having to assist me wrapping Christmas presents.

Baby Cinema

Baby cinema, how cool is it? If you haven’t been you really need to give it a try {the majority of cinemas across the UK offer some sort of baby cinema on weekday mornings}.  Baby cinema was a recommendation I was given before I had Bump. At the time I took the advice with a pinch of salt, you know how it is,when you are pregnant, everyone is giving you advice and a bit of postpartum advice was the last thing on my mind when I was still worrying about giving birth! If I am honest, I had completely forgotten about the tip until one of my ACF friends suggested that we go as a Christmas treat!

It was absolutely bloody fantastic.  We went to see Paddington 2. I am sure that my Baby Cinema experience was helped by the fact that we were watching a child orientated film {I am not sure you would want to watch the latest Cohen Brothers film at Baby Cinema!}. All the babies and toddlers there were impeccably behaved and Bump was a dream. W loves the cinema but we never have time to go. We have agreed that we will make a trip to Baby Cinema whilst W is on shared parental leave.



Life With Bump For Mummy


It might be a little ambitious putting something here about me running given that I have actually only managed 2! The only time I can go is on a Saturday or Sunday morning so that W can look after Bump and the problem is that we are often so busy at the weekend that it gets put to one side. {Instagram followers will know that I have since upped my running, further update in the next Life with Bump update}

Having said all that, the 2 runs that I have managed to complete made me feel really good! I moan about not enjoying running at all but it does give me a big buzz afterwards and at that moment I know that it is doing me the world of good. My aim is still to start ParkRun again in early 2018. Although  I am not sure I am ready yet.

I have managed to keep up with the walking and I do try to get out 3 times a week. However, I did have one week when I didn’t manage a single walk. I blame this on Christmas! I was spending my time catching up with family and friends and preparing all things Christmassy.

Unfortunately though, it would appear that walking could be classed as rather dangerous. On one of my regular walks I completely wiped out on some black ice. I was very lucky as I was walking down hill and I managed to keep hold of Bump in the buggy {he slept through the whole incident}. I gave myself a beautiful black knee and a massive graze {I did feel like a 5-year-old when I put a massive plaster on it} and a hole in my long running leggings! Who knew that walking with a buggy could be dangerous! That being said, it is one of the things that I was worried may happen.

Lesson learnt though, always use the safety strap on the buggy {even if you look a twit} and watch out for black ice in cold weather.


Poorly Mummy

With everything ready for Christmas we were all set to leave for our Isle of Wight Christmas. Unfortunately, I came down with a severe case of {what we now believe to be} food poisoning on 22nd December! What awful timing. In fact the timing was awful all round. W had to be in work and both sets of grandparents were super busy. In the end my mum managed to re-jig things and came to the rescue.

Whilst she was with me we tried as hard as possible to stop her from falling ill. We were resigned to the fact that if Bump and W were going to get it, they would already have caught it. Thankfully no one got ill, hence our belief that it was indeed food poisoning and not a bug. I only have myself to blame {I cooked the dinner} or was it just a dodgy piece of salmon….. I guess we’ll never know.

Recovery was a pretty slow process. I started eating on Christmas Eve but Christmas dinner wasn’t really the same as I still didn’t feel 100%. We delayed our trip to the Isle of Wight by 24 hours.

Looking for the positive, being ill was a fantastic way to ensure I could lose weight over Christmas.

The bug though did make me realise how you really do need a close support network of friends and family. The reality is that at its peak, the vomiting was all-consuming and I just couldn’t look after Bump. For the first time, we missed both having one set of parents or a brother or sister just five minutes down the road.


Visiting Work

As much as work is stressful and, at times, exhausting there is a lot that I have missed about it.

I have missed the daily human interaction, the challenge that work brings and being creative. I have also missed getting to know a group of pupils and seeing them develop over the academic year {geeky I know but it is true}. Being on maternity leave has made me realise that I also get a buzz from work. I had never appreciated that before.

Month five was therefore the month when we decided to take a visit back to work. It enabled my colleagues to meet Bump and also gave me the opportunity to briefly catch up with the headmistress. I was soooooo nervous! I don’t really know why but I was. It was great to see everyone and, of course, Bump was a huge hit.

Going back after five months off was a good time to visit. It was lovely to see everyone. It has also prompted me into thinking about my return to work and nursery arrangements. W and I have also had a big “five-year” chat as a result which was really handy.


The Stats

  • Age: 5 months
  • Length:  70 cm {At birth: 52cm}
  • Weight: 15lb  {At birth: 8lbs 2}
  • Sleep: 🙂


And that my lovelies is the end of the five month update. I have noticed an increase in readers recently, so if this is your first time reading one of my monthly updates, please do check out my previous updates here. You can also read all about my pregnancy here. Whether you have been here for a while or are new, please don’t be shy. Do say hello in the comments below! I am currently drafting the six month update. I promise there will be a lot more on Bump. He has really started to change over the last couple of weeks. As always my lovelies, stay safe. 

Penny x


  1. Sarah Brocklebank
    25 January 2018 / 11:39 am

    Hi Penny, loving your blog. I have a 3 month old and have been reading your blog since my son (I still find it amazing to say that!) was a newborn, it’s kept me sane and also given me a heads up in terms of what’s around the corner! Looking forward to the 6 month update. Also thanks for the mention of baby cinema, not heard of that before so I’m going to see if there is one in my area! Sarah x

    • Penny
      25 January 2018 / 3:29 pm

      Awww thanks for your comment Sarah. Really made my day. Baby cinema is really great, I really recommend it. Even if you don’t have one really local to you- it would be worth the drive! Six month update will be up in the next ten days or so- lots more on the joy that is weaning!! Penny x

      • Sarah Brocklebank
        25 January 2018 / 7:25 pm

        Thanks Penny, glad you liked my comment! Kudos to you and Mr Penny for doing the whole shared parental leave thing too- hopefully this starts a trend! X

        • Penny
          26 January 2018 / 8:57 am

          Thanks. We are lucky that W gets enhanced SPL but there certainly does need to be a change. Wouldn’t it be nice if all Dads had the opportunity that W got? x

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