I’m Back | An Exciting Update

I’m Back | An Exciting Update

Hello my lovelies I’m back! I know, I know it has been ages since I last posted. If I am honest we have had lots going on in my offline life which has meant the blog has been a bit neglected. I understand, as a blog reader, how frustrating it is when a blogger just goes off the grid so I am really sorry. But thank you for still being here. I am back for good. I promise I won’t be offline again for such a lengthy period.

So what have we been up to? Another instalment in the Life with Bump series is going to follow soon but I wanted to provide you with a brief update and tell you some exciting news.



Regular readers will know that last time I was in my blogging groove I was about to return back to my day job as a full-time prep school teacher {click here to read my Return to Work series}.

So I returned to work and then left. Not exactly how I had planned it. The reason why I left will become clear later in this post. The return to work was good for me, it opened my eyes to lots of good things. It also made me realise why employers are so god damn awful at the return to work transition. No wonder there is such a huge drop out of new mums in employment. How the heck is the gender pay gap/equality in the workplace and all that jazz meant to change if we can’t get something as simple as the return to work transition right?

I will do a proper post on returning to work and coping with the change in a couple of weeks as I think it will be something that you will be interested in.



It was great to be interviewed for the May issue of Mother and Baby about our Shared Parental Leave experience. Even though, for now, we are out of that period of our lives, I would still strongly encourage you all to get your partners to take SPL. If your partner’s SPL entitlement is pants, get them to speak to their employer! It was a hugely positive and rewarding experience for us all. I have written more about my thoughts on Shared Parental Leave here and here.


Cancelling our summer holiday

By now you will now that W and I love to travel and be on holiday. I know everyone loves a good holiday but we are literally obsessed. In the summer {although not last year because Bump arrived!} we normally spend a couple of weeks in South West France at my parents home with some of my extended family. It is always such a gorgeous two weeks of long lazy lunches, sunbathing and vineyard visits. This year would have been different due to Bump but I am sure we would have had a lovely time.

Sadly we had to cancel this year at the last-minute because…..


We are moving to America

Yes that is right. We are moving to America!!!!! California to be precise. W’s work have asked him to move and, of course, we jumped at the chance. Sadly our annual trip to France had to be cancelled as we couldn’t guarantee we would have our passports to travel {they need to be sent to the US Embassy for our visas}.

As you can imagine there is so much to organise. Home in the US, car, visas, bank accounts, furniture for our home, storage, flights, doctors, tax {yuck}, insurance, closing accounts in the UK, sorting out our UK  home and so on. Then there is Bump. There is a huge amount to arrange for him and once we arrive there will be the whole “adapting to living elsewhere with a one year old”. The big move coupled with my return to work {hence leaving work so soon after returning} is the main reason the blog has been neglected of late. It is a really exciting {and completely unexpected} time for us.

We are now finally {just about} on top of the move and my mind is feeling a lot clearer about what we have to do.  I will start doing some posts on our move. After all this blog is an online record of my journey as a mother. The move to the US is going to be a pretty big moment in my motherhood journey and life.

Boring organisational stuff aside I am so excited. I can’t quite believe it. In fact I won’t really believe it until we are officially there.


Moving Forward

So that is a brief update. I have loads of content planned for the next couple of months. I am really excited about getting back to blogging and having you guys continue to be with me on my motherhood journey.

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Until the next time my lovelies…

Penny x

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