Hospital Bag Essentials: Part One: Mummy’s Bag


Now that I am on the final stretch to giving birth, I thought it was a good idea to talk about my hospital bags (yes, bags, as in plural!). I have split the post out into two, the second part will feature a guest article from my husband and will be online next week.

I am also launching a new feature….BOAM’s Top Tip. My Facebook and Instagram followers will already know about this.  These tips will be from friends, family and, in time, me. If you read this article and think you have a BOAM Top Tip do leave me a comment, follow my blog with Bloglovin or e-mail me and you may feature in a future post!

Lets get on with part one!

To be honest, I think I have been rather slow in getting my hospital bag sorted. My NCT friends had theirs packed weeks ago.  I did also get a little telling off from a midwife at the hospital, when we visited at week 34 (reduced movement), and I admitted we hadn’t started packing my bag yet. Having said that, the NCT mention you start packing a bag in week 39.

There are lots of hospital bag lists out there. All the major retailers have their own lists, everyone from the usual suspects of Mothercare, Next and John Lewis right through to Tesco and New Look.  There are also lots of pins on Pinterest. If you want to go all out, some even suggest you should take thank you cards into hospital to write! So guidance is not in short supply.

Non-sexy essentials

Mummy bag non-sexy essentials: maternity pads, compresses, nipple cream, nipple pads and lip balm

If I am brutally honest, and I guess I won’t be able to stand by this statement until after Bump’s arrival, I think a lot of the hospital bag lists are too long and are really used by marketing departments as a way to make you purchase items that you won’t need. I mean who needs ten sleep suits in a bag? The retailers also tend to gloss over the unglamorous hospital bag items you may need (hello lip balm, water bottle and inflatable ring etc.).

Anyway enough of the chat, here is what I am packing in my hospital bag. Part two will feature Daddy’s hospital bag and a little bag with things for Bump. Oh and don’t worry I will include all the non-sexy items.

Mummy’s hospital bag:

  1. Hospital notes, so obvious I know, but when in a panic it is the obvious things you forget;
  2. Pillow, hospital pillows aren’t great and sometimes only one is provided, plus it will remind you of home;
    Water Wipes and old flannel

    Mummy bag essentials: Water Wipes and a very old flannel

  3. Old t-shirt or night gown, I have actually purchased something new and cheap from Asda that should do the job. Also take a couple as you will need a fresh one for after labour as well;
  4. Sponge or water spray, to cool you down during contractions;
  5. Toiletries, you will want to freshen up. I am also including some nice shower gel for my shower after labour;
  6. Lip balm, I probably won’t care in the middle of labour but I am going to get a nice lip balm as a bit of a luxury treat to myself;
  7. Wet wipes, I have a feeling wet wipes are going to dominate my life going forward when Bump is here, so I might as well pack some now!;
  8. Snacks and drinks, energy drinks and snacks will be great;
  9. Bendy straw, so I can drink in any position;
  10. Thermos flask, containing crushed ice, I only thought of this one during the hot weather this last week;
  11. Puppy pads, for both before and after labour;
  12. Big knickers, again for both before and after labour;
  13. Flip flops, for walking around in clearly and if you are like me and get freaked out by public showers then they will come in handy for the shower;

    Mummy bag essentials: bikini top and a bottle of Nyetimber sparkling wine (!)

  14. Bikini top, for water birth although I reckon I won’t care that my boobs are out when in the middle of labour; and
  15. Champagne, it is after all a celebration!

Mummy’s post birth hospital bag:

  1. Breast pads, because as we know my boobs will be leaking milk left right and centre ;
  2. Nursing bra, I am going to post about having huge boobs and looking for a nursing bra shortly;
  3. Disposable knickers or old ones, the knickers I have packed are so old and skanky that I don’t even have the heart to post a picture of them;
  4. Towel, I am going to get a lovely towel but also take an old one, depending on the state of me will depend which I use after birth;
  5. Make up, just to make me feel a bit more human;
  6. Eye mask and ear plugs, this is more of a summer item but I want an eye mask (just one of those airplane freebies) to help block out the light when trying to catch some zzz;
  7. Going home clothes;
  8. Dressing gown;
  9. Inflatable ring, those of you who follow me on Instagram will have already met Fanny, whilst Fanny’s purpose is to make you laugh, it is true that you may need an inflatable ring after birth to help you sit down; and
  10. Weetabix or any fibre rich food, to help you take that all important and, I imagine, scary first poo.

    Mummy bag essentials: make up, Clinique CC Cream, my favourite Jo Malone fragrance and Temple Spa shower products.

 BOAM’s Top Tips

  1. Top Tip for keeping you cool: This tip comes from Simone, one of my readers and Instagram followers. She suggests purchasing Clinque Moisture Surge face spray and use it during labour to keep you cool.
  2. Top Tip for Daddy: Make sure Daddy knows what you want in birth. There may well be times when you are so far out of it that he is your advocate. Therefore do discuss what you want from your birth.
  3. Top Tip to keep energy levels up: Frozen Grapes! Keep some frozen grapes in the freezer and bung them into your bag at the last minute, they are so wonderfully refreshing and, I am told, are great in labour.

What did you all pack in your Mummy hospital bag? Is there anything I have missed off? Or is there something you have laughed at because you don’t think it is needed. Do let me know by commenting below.

Penny x


  1. Candy
    25 June 2017 / 11:40 am

    Great post Penny, you are very organised! I would suggest some magazines/non-complicated reading materials as I remember having to send D down to buy me some mags from the shop. There may be some moments where not much is happening and it’s a bit boring tbh! Hope you have a lovely week and take care of youself and bump x

    • Penny
      25 June 2017 / 11:48 am

      Thanks Candy! I have started to put aside a couple of things to do, but I think that W will be in charge of all that. In fact, he tells me his daddy hospital bag features lots of magazines for me to read. More on his hospital bag next week, in Part Two of Hospital Bag Essentials. x

  2. Virginie
    30 June 2017 / 1:57 pm

    Hi Pen , you might like to pack some tissues to deal with the tears of joys ! With a home birth I didn’t have to worry too much about a hospital bag , I remember though burning some lavender oil recommended for a calming atmosphere. You could not do that at the hospital but lavender oil is said to be good to strengthen contractions and helps relieve panic or stress . A little of lavender on a flannel?
    Many have a bag in a bag or note down in which compartment you have put your bits and pieces as you might spend you time searching for a particular item , you might forget in which pocket of the bag you have put it or get annoyed at your love one if he can’t find it for you!

    • Penny
      30 June 2017 / 5:00 pm

      What a good idea! I hadn’t thought of tissues at all, and I know that I will cry a lot! I cry at most things and this is going to be hugely emotional! Thanks for the tip with the lavender oil too, not something that I had seen or read about. I will have a look and see if we can invest in some and use one of the 2 flannels that I have packed. We have separate bags for each of us, so I hope that will help in the finding of things and W has already been through my bag so that he knows what is in it and what is in each wash bag! I’m training him up!!!

  3. Ruth
    4 July 2017 / 10:05 pm

    We took cds with us. There was a cd player in the room and having some music that we both liked was really relaxing – it’s such a long time since my two and this has brought back so many memories.

    • Penny
      5 July 2017 / 1:08 pm

      I’m definitely planning on having some music to listen too! I find it so relaxing, I just need to plan my play lists.

  4. Rachel
    17 July 2017 / 7:25 pm

    I wouldn’t worry too much about labour snacks- I was vomiting through both of mine and no one had warned me that could happen. A jar of ‘thinned’ fruit was lovely and refreshing for afterwards though. Good luck with it all. I have my fingers crossed it’ll turn up on 18th- all the best people do… x

    • Penny
      19 July 2017 / 2:12 pm

      Unfortunately it didn’t arrive on the 18th! We are still waiting….. x

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