Hospital Bag Essentials: Part Two: Bags for Bump and Daddy

Last week, I posted part one of my Hospital Bag Essentials series which covered items for Mummy’s hospital bag. Today we are looking at Bump’s hospital bag. And my husband has contributed to the blog by listing what is included in his hospital bag. Yes he has his own hospital bag, he didn’t want to feel left out!

I am still undecided when exactly you should start packing all these bags. I think it is personal preference really, the guidance online is all rather contradictory but, in my view, certainly by week 35 you should have the bags ready.

We will be revisiting each of the lists once Bump has arrived so that I can give you any hindsight tips I may have! Right, enough of the talking for today lets get on with the lists for Bump and Daddy.

Bump’s hospital bag:

  1. Nappies, I have been told about 10 for each day you are in hospital. I guess that means that my husband will be off to the supermarket if we end up being there longer than anticipated;
  2. Muslins, and lots of them apparently;
  3. Vests, it is going to be the middle of summer when Bump arrives so vests will be suitable but I will take 4 or 5 with me;
  4. Hat,
  5. Cotton wool or Water Wipes, to help with nappy changing;
  6. Towel for baby;
  7. Going home clothes;
  8. Shawl, as I mentioned in this Instagram post, we will be using the shawl my husband was taken home from hospital in some thirty odd years ago (having said that if its 35 degrees we won’t need a shawl); and
  9. not in the bag but…..CAR SEAT! 

Daddy’s hospital bag

Daddy's hospital bag

Daddy’s hospital bag: mainly made up of food!

This is my husband’s first contribution to the blog. In my view some of the items are questionable!  He tells me he discussed it with the NCT boys and this is the list they came up with:

  1. Lots of loose change, handy for the car park and also food outlets at the hospital;
  2. Mobile phone and charger, with all contacts up to date;
  3. Camera and make sure it is fully charged;
  4. Change of clothes, if you have ever been to a labour ward you will know how hot it is (I’d recommend shorts regardless of the time of year);
  5. Wash bag,  (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant etc.);
  6. Snack and drinks, Dad’s need to be look after themselves as well and ensure they stay hydrated
  7. Distraction material, we are taking an iPad and headphones. We are also packing books/Kindle as there could be a lot of hanging around;
  8. Hand written list of contact numbers, yes its old school but just in case phone dies or something;
  9. Eye mask, such as the ones you get form a long haul flight to help have a little nap;
  10. Notepad and pen, to write anything down that you need to record or ask;
  11. Massage oils, to help Mum in the early stages of labour; and
  12. Not a bag item, but Daddy is in charge of making sure the car is full of petrol and knowing how to get to the hospital. I know its obvious but you hardly want to be in labour in the middle of the Sainsbury’s petrol station!

BOAM’S Top Tip

  1. Top tip for Daddy 1: make sure there is a time function or app on your phone with a second hand so that you can time contractions, or you could be old school and use a watch!;
  2. Top tip for Daddy 2: Take a lilo or a yoga mat to sleep on at the hospital, it will be comfier than sleeping in a chair;
  3. Top tip for Bump: Don’t bother spending lots of money on muslins. They will be used for clearing up sick, I have ended up getting a lot of my muslins from Primark. They are cheap and stylish; and
  4. Top tip for Bump 2: A friend told me to put Bump’s first outfit and a nappy in a sandwich bag so it is easily accessible. What a great idea.

What did you include in your hospital bag for Bump? Did your partner have a hospital bag also? Is there anything that you think I should include in my hospital bag that I haven’t included?

Penny x


  1. Gi
    2 July 2017 / 10:18 am

    gosh all those bags…….I didn’t actually have a bag packed on the day my two decided to arrive, so I went with just my notes, but it all worked out ok. Obviously not as organised as you BOAM and “BOAD” (Birth of a Daddy?) 🙂

    • Penny
      3 July 2017 / 1:27 pm

      Ha! We are trying to be organised and now that we think we are we’ll probably be waiting a long time!!!

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