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Birth of a Mummy is live!!!!

Welcome to my blog, the place where you can learn about the trials and tribulations of a first time mummy. This feels all very odd. First things first, I am hoping that this blog will be really interactive. Please do comment on articles and follow me on Instagram.

Soooo I now have 4 weeks to go, to what my husband has put in his work Outlook calendar as “D-Day” (I kid you not!). I have always wanted to start a family, as I mention here, I feel that this is my calling in life. At some points I thought it would never happen. My career came first for the whole of my twenties and I couldn’t find the person I wanted to be with. I was also really aware that the dreaded biological clock was ticking. My Mum, bless her, also kept quizzing me on boyfriends and telling me I needed to settle down which, whilst it had excellent intentions, wasn’t too well received at the time.

Last year I fell pregnant and was over the moon. Sadly it didn’t work out and at week 14 I had a miscarriage. I will share my miscarriage story in another post because I think it’s important people talk about their experiences, to help ladies who sadly lose babies in the future realise they are not alone. Looking back I was clearly depressed afterwards and struggled to come to terms with it all.

With 4 weeks until Bump arrives in the world, I am now getting very apprehensive. Work is becoming a struggle, it’s not necessarily the work, it’s more than commuting that is exhausting. I finish work next week and I am very much looking forward to a couple of pamper days and nesting before the baby arrives. I am excited but there is no way that this pregnancy lark is glamorous. It is bloody hard work. And to think that I always looked at pregnant woman with envy at how glamorous they made it look. Little did I know how they were feeling. After all, you are growing a human being inside of you!

BOAM will be about my motherhood journey, I will talk about my miscarriage, my anxieties about being a mother, struggling with hormones, my birth, raising the Bump and everything in between. I won’t hold back either, there will be talk about poo and vomit. Don’t worry it won’t be all baby talk. We will mix in some interior inspiration (nursery tour coming soon), baby fashion and a bit of travel as we go along. I will even tell you how to fly first class on BA for cheaper than an economy ticket (yes you did read that right). If that isn’t a reason to keep following me I am not sure what will be.

Please do stick around, it is great to have you on this journey with me. Oh and before I go please don’t forget to comment, follow my blog with Bloglovin, subscribe or follow me on social media!

Penny x


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