Foxhill Manor, The Cotswolds

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I thought we would post something a little bit different.

BOAM will have a slight travel slant, so what better way to kick that off than to talk about the most romantic hotel I have ever stayed at. It is even more special for us as Bump is a “Foxhill Baby”.

Let me tell you about Foxhill Manor. The Sunday Times Hotel of the Year 2015.

Foxhill Manor is the exclusive luxury private house hotel located at the heart of the Farncombe Estate overlooking Broadway in the Cotswolds. It is the brainchild of the people behind Dormy House Hotel (a previous winner of the Best Destination Hotel and Best Spa Hotel awards no less). Dormy is a fantastic place but Foxhill is another notch above.

Your own country house

The concept at Foxhill is that everything revolves around you. With just eight rooms, fantastic service and a non-stuffy atmosphere it really does feel like your very own country house.

Where do we start? Well how about the food. It is like eating at home but better as you don’t have to cook! There is no menu, you decide what you want to eat, where you want to eat and when you want to eat. The kitchen is “access all areas”.  If you fancy a kebab (;-)) just walk into the kitchen, tell Chef and hey presto it will arrive. Anything goes.

With a class of fizz in hand, our first stop after arriving was the kitchen. Here Chef explained what local, fresh, seasonal ingredients he had and what he was planning on cooking that evening. There was no requirement to have the food suggested at all. For our first evening, we decided to eat in the dining room. Supper started with drinks beside a roaring fire and canapés.


The food makes Foxhill so special!

We were then taking to the intimate dining room. We had a fantastic four course meal with accompanying wines. If you are a wine snob, don’t worry, they have a fantastic wine cellar you can visit and decide what to drink. Had we wanted, we could have had our meal in our bedroom (which was huge) or in the cinema room or anywhere else we fancied. Not kidding but if you said to the Foxhill staff you wanted to eat the meal outside by a roaring fire pit with giraffes roaming nearby, they would organise. Ok that last bit might be an exaggeration but you get my drift.

The food blew our minds. One afternoon, we decided we wanted a BLT sandwich. Thirty minutes later two fantastic BLTs arrived. At breakfast one morning I asked if they had English Muffins. Sadly they didn’t. Twenty minutes later we had English Muffins!

Staff just appear exactly when you want them. Calling them staff though just seems wrong, they are all so friendly they feel like friends!

Oh hello open bar

Yes that is right. Foxhill has an open bar. Champagne is free and always available to you along with other house spirits such gin, whiskey and vodka. Guests can help themselves to the drinks laid out in the lounge. I must admit there was something quite civilised about coming back from an afternoon walk round Broadway and having a glass of champagne and cake!

The lounge – where afternoon tea becomes an open bar with free champagne and other beverages.

And you don’t have to worry about bar opening hours! On the second floor, stocked full of goodies and more free booze, is the pantry! You can raid it whenever you want. Yes, I did send W along the corridor half way through an episode of the fantastic HBO series The Night Of to get more chocolate, home made cake and fizz!

Best of both worlds


The amazing pool at Dormy House

If you get bored with Foxhill, and that is pretty bloody hard, Dormy House and it’s fantastic restaurants and award winning spa are just a moments’ drive away. Just tell the staff you want to go to Dormy and the car is there to pick you up in minutes.


The Dormy House Nail Parlour

Aside from completing the whole series of The Night Of over our three night stay, we also did a lot of walking and chatting. Farncombe Estate is a fantastic place, it is easy to get lost wandering around the rolling hills. Having said that we did a couple of walks which went off the estate and out into the open countryside. It was lovely walking the four or five miles to Broadway Tower on a beautiful October day and having the place to ourselves. After the experience earlier in the year with my miscarriage, this time away was just what we needed.

The Room

Apart from the fantastic service, food and location, Foxhill managed to top off our stay by providing the most luxurious accommodation. I have been really lucky to stay in some pretty swanky places (mainly through W’s obsessive collection of hotel points and airmiles). However, Foxhill was another level. I hate to say, as it sounds awful, but Foxhill made the Four Seasons in Miami look average.

Given that there are only eight rooms, each has its own name rather than a number. For the first two nights we stayed in Juniper. What a room! It helped the colour scheme is right up my street. But the bathroom was to die for! I have never seen anything so lovely. I just wanted to transport the whole Juniper room back to our little home and have it as our bedroom on a daily basis.

The ‘Juniper’ bathroom

If things couldn’t get any better, for our last night we were upgraded to Hazel. Hazel is one of Foxhill’s suites. This room was massive. In fact it wasn’t a room it was basically an apartment. It was bigger than the flat that W and I lived in before our current home. It was huge.

As you can tell, the rooms are truly fantastic much like the rest of Foxhill.

Is a visit worth it?

For views like this it is! Foxhill is not cheap. However, if like us you go mid week and get lucky with the upgrades it is well worth the money. This was a once in a lifetime experience for us. I won’t lie, I was pretty down last year after my miscarriage. Our break at Foxhill was exactly what I needed. I left feeling relaxed and enjoying life. The best bit about our stay was that we managed to conceive at Foxhill. Yes, Bump is a Foxhill Baby. I doubt he or she is the first but it still a lovely memory.

Babies and Foxhill don’t go together unless you hire the whole house. We certainly won’t be in a position to do that anytime soon. But we will re-visit Foxhill with Bump one day. In the meantime, I have told W I think it is a great idea that just him and I re-visit on an annual basis!!!

Do you lovelies have any tips on amazing places to stay that are child friendly? Yes, we love Foxhill but we would love to take Bump somewhere just as special that is child friendly in the future. Your thoughts are most welcome. Please leave a comment down below.

Penny x

NOTE: Just to clarify, we have not been asked to write this review by Foxhill Manor or Dormy House Hotel nor have they provided us with any form of remuneration for the review. At BOAM if we are paid to write a review or receive a free sample we will let you know 🙂 

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