Life with Bump | The Eight Month Update

Life with Bump | The Eight Month Update

The eight month update. I won’t do a big long intro this time around. This has been the first full post shared parental leave month for us. We have slowly been adjusting back to life without W at home all the time. It has actually been a quiet month for us, so the update is a little shorter than normal. Let’s get on with the update.


Life for Bump

Weight Gain

Boy we have had an excellent month weight gain wise. It seems I have a baby that has a real appetite for solid food. It isn’t always easy, I mean it took him over four days of trying hot cross bun before he would happily eat it. I think he really just ate it so that I would stop giving it to him at every meal time!  Of course, it does take them time to adjust to new tastes. I was surprised though that something as sweet as a hot cross bun wasn’t an instant success.

Anyway, I digress. When I took Bump to get weighed he had gained nearly 2lbs in a month which for him was huge. He has jumped back up off the 25th percentile and is now sitting comfortably between that 25th and 50th percentiles. Those of you that have read the Life with Bump series from the start, will know we have always had slight issues with his weight. So I was really pleased that we had such a great month. In fact the improvement this month was so good that we no longer have to go to the monthly weigh in clinics. Result!

This month he has also really taken to eating a lot more finger food and seems to love feeding himself. He seems to be mastering the pincer movement quite nicely and can get quite stroppy if you don’t let him take things to eat. We just need to get those top two teeth and he will be biting through things much more easily. Having said that, there are some days, when I simply give him a pouch of doom. By that I mean a ridiculously overpriced Ella’s Kitchen “meal”. I do feel guilty about not making finger food for him but sometimes it is just so much easier. Especially when you are on the go.



As well as getting rather stroppy about feeding himself certain types of food, Bump is developing clear personality traits. It has been fascinating to watch him develop and change.

He becomes quite clingy at times, especially when tired and hungry. We definitely have a baby that gets ‘hangry’, just like his daddy! Bump also tries to avoid trying new foods, he’s developed what he thinks is a clever way to stop me. He will sit and rub his eyes, and rub them some more. For some reason he thinks that if he imitates being tired I will stop his meal time!  I don’t know where he has got the idea that I will stop but it really is quite funny and rather amazing that he is trying to associate one action with another action stopping.

Food aside {because I have just read back the first part of this update and all I have spoken about is food} everything is now a toy!  And he laughs, for what seems like to us, no reason. Even my hair or W’s beard is something to try and play with!

We have also now entered the “copying stage”, which I guess he won’t grow out for a while. I introduced him to hitting two of his wooden toys together, well that was it, from then on he didn’t stop! After 15 minutes of constant banging I was beginning to regret teaching him! He will also copy certain noises we make, for example ‘ba’ or ‘da’ but his favourite is screaming. If we make a loud noise he thinks it is very funny to scream back at us. At the moment I find it funny and endearing but I have noticed the roll of eyes or glares from people in cafes or shops when he starts playfully screaming.

I am loving how much more you can interact with Bump now. It is truly a magical time. I am so worried that I am going to miss him learning all these new skills when he goes to nursery. My husband, I guess because he misses out on a lot of these things when he goes to work, doesn’t seem to bothered by my FOMO. In reality, I am sure that I won’t miss out on too much {or maybe nursery will be super nice and pretend he hasn’t been crawling with them for weeks when I say one morning at drop off that he has just started crawling!}.


On the Move

Talking of crawling, it feels like for ages we have been waiting for him to get up on all fours and crawl. Each day I think we are so close and that it won’t be long before he crawls but each day we are no closer! We can either get our head up or our bottom up, just not at the same time. He has started to go backwards a couple of times and we can turn a full 360 when on our tummy but we haven’t mastered going forwards.

I am trying to encourage him to crawl by helping him up on to all fours and supporting him. By letting him tip forward gently on to his all fours. I have even been crawling around the living room so that he can see me doing it so that he can copy {embarrassing I know} but we don’t seem to be getting any closer. If you have any tips to encourage a little one to crawl then let me know in the comments below. I am desperate to not miss out on this and for him to start crawling before he goes to nursery. Then again, maybe I should just enjoy the lack of movement whilst it lasts!?


Life with Bump for Mummy

Mother’s Day & a Family Celebration

My first Mother’s Day was a bitter sweet celebration. I loved the day but it was tinged with sadness as I couldn’t help but think about our baby that never was.

I had a lovely card, lots of daffodils and some champagne {which is always a good thing}. W had promised that I would get a Mother’s Day lie in. Unfortunately he didn’t hear Bump in the morning and rather than me force him out of bed, I was already wide awake so I just got up. I will definitely be making sure the lie in happens next year!

Days like Mother’s Day just make me more aware of how important family is. We have, on the whole, been pretty quiet this month but we have spent a lot of time seeing both sets of grandparents and Bump’s cousins. The big celebration this month was my parent’s golden wedding anniversary. What an achievement! Given we now all get married older, I guess, golden wedding anniversaries will be rarer in the future. We had a big family meal, sadly not everyone could make the meal. One of my brother’s lives in Asia and, understandably, couldn’t just pop back for Sunday Lunch. And another brother was unfortunately busy. But there were still a fair number of us {I have a very large family} and it was lovely for Bump to see his cousins.


Weight loss

As Bump is putting on weight I am finally losing it!! Hurrah!!

I have been making a truly concerted effort to get rid of this baby weight since W went back to work. I have been working really hard at it and finally it seems to be paying off. The running during SPL was great but I have cracked back open the ‘Seconds App’ that Joe Wicks recommends to use for his HIIT sessions. So roughly 4 times a week I don my work out gear and during Bump’s morning nap I do a HIIT work out. I have combined this with having smaller portions, cooking a variety of Slimming World and Joe Wicks recipes and reducing my carb/alcohol/chocolate intake.

The result, I have lost half a stone in 4 weeks. I am almost halfway to my pre-pregnancy weight {which I hope to reach by the time I return to work}. It also means that I can fit into more of my pre-pregnancy clothes. I have become incredibly determined and single minded about the whole thing. We also have a wedding to go to halfway through May and I want to look nice.

I am for once going to do this!


Me Time

For probably the first time since Bump was born I finally had some time to myself. Bump very kindly purchased me a cupcake cooking class at the wonderful Woodspeen Restaurant and Cookery School near us for Christmas {I guess this lovely gift makes up for the lack of my Mother’s Day lie in!}. The Woodspeen is a delightful place, very us. Scandi interior, fantastic food, not stuffy and lovely staff. The Michelin star is a bonus.

Those of you that follow me on Instagram will have seen my stories about the class. I had truly the most wonderful time and I didn’t feel guilty about it. I was so busy that, although I thought about Bump through the day, I wasn’t constantly thinking about him.

The course made me realise how much I really and truly love to bake. I learnt some skills that I have wanted to learn in ages and I came back so enthusiastic. I even put my new found skills to use this Easter to make some Easter cupcakes. Ultimately I would to love to be able to do more than just bake for friends and family. So if you would like some cupcakes or a birthday cake, and live relatively near West Berkshire, drop me an e-mail or leave a comment below and I will see if I can make something for you.


The Stats

  • Age: 8 months
  • Length:  77cm {At birth: 52cm}
  • Weight: 18lb 3oz {At birth: 8lbs 2}
  • Sleep: The odd disturbed night but on the whole we are sleeping ten hours straight through


And that my lovelies is the end of the eight month update. All very short and sweet this month. Do let me know if you have any tips for getting a baby to crawl, I’d love to hear them. Don’t forget if you would like to know me about me baking a cake or cupcakes for you then leave a comment below. I am now providing more regular updates on Bump over on Instagram, so do give me a follow if you aren’t already. 

Penny x

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