Today is the Day Plus Eight

ScanDue Date: 18 July 2017 plus eight

We are now well and truly at the sharp end of this pregnancy malarky.  I thought I would start doing a bi-weekly update. So welcome to my first “Today is the Day Plus” post. Don’t worry, my weekly Pregnancy Journal update will be posted on Thursday (presuming I am not in the middle of labour).

As those of you that have been pregnant will appreciate, when you get to this late in the game, things can move really fast. I therefore thought a second update for this week would be handy. Hopefully we won’t be doing another “Today is the Day Plus…” post next week!

Whats new since Pregnancy Journal Week 40

Those of you that follow me on Instagram and Facebook, will know I had a sweep last Thursday. The excellent news then was that:

  • I was 1cm dilated (much to the shock of my midwife);
  • She felt Bump’s head;
  • Waters were in a good position;
  • She did a “proper sweep”; and
  • “In 72 hours you will have a baby”.

Surprise, surprise, 120 hours later and no sign of Bump.

What am I doing wrong? Nothing I don’t think, it just appears that Bump is enjoying the warmth of my body too much.

Lets get this baby out


Pineapple has not worked

I know I have been banging on for weeks about methods to kick start labour. And yes, I am well aware that it is boring baby chat (then again isn’t that what you are here for!?!?). But I am now getting desperate.

Bump weighs an absolute ton. Day to day life is becoming harder. I just keep telling myself the wait will be worth it in the end.


Raspberry tea has not worked

My lovely West Berkshire mummy blogger chum, Lisa from The Love of a Captain, deserves a special mention. She has been giving me loads of tips and support. My NCT friends have been invaluable as well.

Just to embarrass W, intercourse which is what the midwife said would work, really hasn’t worked. It was just plain awkward and uncomfortable! About the only things that seem to help are long walks and bouncing on my gym ball.

Super Midwife


Google suggests Miranda Hart is a Super Midwife? Hmmm….

I must say that my midwife has been fantastic. She has been a real star. These midwives, work hard and, I don’t think, get the recognition they deserve. She has been texting me over the weekend to see how I am getting on. She also re-jigged appointments yesterday, so that I could pop in to see her and have a second sweep. What an absolute star!

Sweep Two

I will admit this. The thought of a sweep was not pleasant. When I was offered one last Thursday, I jumped at the chance. Yes it was uncomfortable but it really wasn’t that bad. Maybe it was because I knew it would be helping Bump on his or her way that I thought it was “ok”. Well as OK as someone fiddling around with your cervix can be!

Sweep Two was done yesterday. Not much to report really, midwife is happy and reported I am more dilated than previously. She reckons Bump will arrive before the weekend but in any case I have been booked in for an induction over the weekend.

Looking at the positive

Yes it is hard waiting but there are lots of positives. Bump is clearly very happy inside and is healthy. It isn’t quite the time for Bump to come out but that is cool. Bump now has the luxury of always being on school holiday for their birthday! I am mightily jealous of that as I always wanted a summer school holiday birthday. We also managed to attend my sister-in-law’s graduation without my waters breaking. That was a real concern of mine.

The biggest positive though, is that within the next seven days Bump will be here.

And here ends the first “Today is the Day Plus” blog update. I hope this is a one off special edition. Time will tell. I am sure I will be back on Thursday with my weekly Pregnancy Journal update though.

Looking forward to introuducing you all to Bump in the coming days and weeks.

Penny x




  1. Virginie
    26 July 2017 / 7:45 am

    Glad to get an update ; Thinking about you Pen and always checking my phone first thing in the morning . Your nephews say that baby is sooooo cosy in there 🙂
    Bises xx

    • Penny
      26 July 2017 / 8:15 am

      I was hoping you would be keeping up whilst away. I hope that you are having a lovely time. I definitely think that the baby is too comfy, so the boys are right!! xx

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