Creating a Scandi gender neutral nursery

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I will freely admit that I have never really been into interior design. My idea of interior design is to basically just purchase a whole look from John Lewis!

When I fell pregnant with our baby, that I sadly miscarried last year, the first thing I did was decide that I would try to be an interior design guru. Que me watching endless hours of The Great Interior Design Challenge  and spending lots of time discovering Pinterest.

Following conception of Bump, I was a lot more reserved. I think you always are when you have suffered a loss (God only knows how Elle from Feathering the Empty Nest keeps positive). We did not buy anything baby related until well after the 20 week scan. Even then I was extremely cautious, I was always worrying that I was tempting fate by buying baby related products.

However, the one thing I did allow myself to do after the twenty week scan was to start up obsessively pinning on Pinterest again!

Gender neutral interior inspiration from Rock my Family


We decided that we wanted a Scandi gender neutral look. There is something about the muted tones, simpleness and cleanness of the look that I love. I know its incredibly trendy and predictable currently. But we really fell in love with the look following a trip to Norway a couple of years ago.

I will be sharing a nursery tour with you in the coming weeks (sneak peaks are on Instagram already) but in the meantime I thought you might all like to have a look at some of my inspiration.


The White Company Inspiration

I will be honest, we had been looking at lot of lovely grey colours. In fact one wall in the nursery was a patchwork quilt of different colour greys. We then had a money reality check and when my parents-in-law offered us some left over paint from their hallway redecoration project we jumped at the chance, I mean it was free after all and is an off-white colour so goes perfectly.

The great thing about the off-white colour is that really anything will go with it. So whether we have a boy or a girl we can add pops of gender specific colour to the room if we want.

Paint is not cheap. Depending on your budget have a look at Fired Earth or Little Greene Paint Co at John Lewis. If like us, you don’t want to spend a fortune on paint, then have a look at Dulux or B & Q. I have even seen paint in the cheaper discount stores.

Money saving tip: My parents are in the retirement age bracket. B&Q offer an excellent OAP discount on a Wednesday (B&Q Diamond Discount). So if you know some one in the OAP age range do ask them if they have the discount!


The room we are planning on using as a nursery is small.We have had to be selective about what furniture we need. We decided that the essentials are a cot, a chair for nursing and then either a wardrobe or chest of drawers.

Mokee Mini Cot

In terms of the cot, we fell in love with one of the Stokee Sleepie Beds but in reality it was way out of our price range. We did, however, keep coming back to the Mokee mini cot. Its reasonably priced, comes in a range of colours and takes it influence straight form the Scandianvian design guide.

That old favourite, Ikea, also offers very Scandi focused furniture (funny that). So we did a couple of Ikea trips to have a look at their showrooms. We really liked this and this.

We thought that we should go for a range of furniture and whilst I liked the idea we just couldn’t find anything that went with our room (especially as we don’t have that much space) and in our price range. We were really close to purchasing furniture from the Little Home range at John Lewis but we didn’t given that, disappointingly, not a single JL store has the furniture on display! Call me old fashioned but I wasn’t about to spend a reasonable sum of money without seeing the item in real life first.



Wow where to start. Whilst I have found it surprisingly difficult to find gender neutral baby clothes (more on that in another post), there are loads of gender neutral nursery accessories.

Scandinavian interior lust by Scandibørn

The Instagram pages of online stores like The Modern Nursery and Scandiborn were great places to start looking.

I fell in love with the Cam Cam brand. In particular, this mobile just seemed perfect, especially given that Bump is our rainbow baby.

I also loved the look in this Pinterest pin, the idea of having prints of different animals just felt right. This then gave me the idea of looking for an animal’s head for the wall.

Olli Ella Basket

Storage is a really difficult thing, I’d like to think our house is fairly clutter free and my husband is clear that we won’t have toys lying all round the house. Storage is therefore going to be really key for us. Keeping in with the grey theme I saw these at Dunelm which I thought would be excellent. And I have fallen in love with the storage options from Olli Ella, especially as you can add a bit of colour to the room easily. Once again, Ikea also have some very cool looking storage baskets which we also like.

So there we have it, my nursery inspiration. The full tour will be online in a couple of weeks, I might even do a little video if I am brave enough. Do have a look at my Instagram page for some sneak peaks!

Are any of you in the middle of updating or designing the nursery? What look have you gone for? Are there any brands that you have fallen in love with? Please do let me know as I love discussing nursery décor. 

Penny x


  1. Simone
    22 June 2017 / 8:58 pm

    Hi! I follow you on instagram and it’s lovely to see you with a blog. I just wanted to mention that h an m is brilliant for gender neutral clothes with lots of beige, light brown and grey. Looking forward to reading your blog. Xx

    Also my advice for your last few weeks of pregnancy would be to spend some quality time with your husband. I did this with my first and it was a special time preparing and hanging out together.

    • Penny
      22 June 2017 / 9:15 pm

      Hi Simone,

      Great to hear from you. I hope you are enjoying my Instagram page :-).

      Thanks for the tip about H&M, I have seen some lovely bits in there and am finding their maternity range to be great (I have a post about maternity clothes coming up soon!).

      Sadly, my husband hasn’t got anytime off work before Bump arrives but we do have lots of nice things planned for the weekends. I think you are right that it is important to spend quality time together ahead of the birth, it is too easy to get carried away and just focus on getting the house ready for baby!

      Penny x

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