Battling Nappy Rash

Nappy rash. It is horrible isn’t it. Bump being a boy, I have been aware that he may get a rash around his testicles or willy. Not having a willy I am probably over-cautious!

Both sides of the family have a history with skin conditions. On my side we have all suffered to varying degrees with eczema. On W’s side there is a history of severe acne and psoriasis. I have therefore been pretty hot on watching Bump for any kind of skin flare ups since he was born.


An unexpected flare up

When the team at Sudocrem contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing their Sudocrem Care & Protect Nappy Cream, their timing could not have been more apt.

Whilst we were away in France for a week {mini review coming soon}, Bump suddenly developed a bit of nappy rash. I am not really sure where it came from or what caused it but it arrived with a vengeance.


Sudocrem to the rescue?

Whilst Bump’s nappy rash had cleared up shortly after we returned from France, I was keen to ensure that it didn’t flare up again. The beauty of Care & Protect is that it is for daily use, where as other products on the market, are for use once your little one has a flare up. To me this is exactly what I was looking for given the history of skin conditions in our families.

When I first opened the tube of Care & Protect I was a little dubious. All other nappy rash creams I have come across are quite thick and sticky. This was anything but thick and sticky! Oddly, it had the consistency of your everyday moisturiser {for those that ask, I use this, by Clinique, as my everyday moisturiser}. Despite the odd consistency I rolled with the Care & Protect.


A week of use: my thoughts

I have used the cream for the last week and must say I am very impressed. The aforementioned odd consistency is actually a masterstroke by Sudocrem. It makes it so much easier to apply than the original Sudocrem or other similar creams.

Being honest, you don’t need to apply very much at all and it creates a lovely barrier. I have been using it at every nappy change and so far we are winning the nappy rash battle.

My only reservation about the product is the price. It is more expensive than other well-known brands and a lot more than the traditional Sudocrem. Countering that, I do feel that the tube will last a long time given that you don’t need to apply much.

The box states that the tube is really easy to open one-handed. So I gave it a go, stupid me didn’t realise there was plastic over the end keeping it shut! Once I had removed that and tried again, the claim is spot on. No need to have both hands free to unscrew the top you can just flip it open one-handed.  As we all know is very useful when you have a naked little baby in front of you and you are rushing to ensure you don’t get sprayed by wee or something worse!

So all in all, Sudocrem Care & Protect gets a thumbs up from Bump and I. Should we have another flare up, which I am sure we might, I will be going straight for the Care & Protect.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as Sudocrem sent me some samples to review. I would never recommend anything that I don’t truly believe is excellent and wouldn’t purchase myself for Bump.

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