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This is me, Penny, a thirty something mummy to Bump.

I always wanted children. I know it sounds corny but I felt that it was my calling. Birth of a Mummy originally started as a way for friends and family to follow my pregnancy journey. Since Bump’s birth in the summer of 2017, the site has evolved into a parenting lifestyle blog. If you are interested in working with me, you can find more information about my site here

A little about me…I now live in California with my husband and our son, Bump. I am expecting our second child, our little American, in Spring 2019. We used to live in Berkshire, UK in a little house which we were slowly putting our mark on. We moved to California for my husband’s work and are loving it. It is great living in a big city but also having stunning coast and countryside to explore at weekends. I will document our Californian adventures a bit more in the coming months.

I love horse riding, champagne {I couldn’t wait for my first sip after the birth}, South West France, trashy television {Made in Chelsea is my fav}, Joules clothing, yummy food, John Lewis, Studio Gibli films and sunbathing in lush locations. 

I am married to W. We met years ago on a well-known dating website, although we had mutual friends, so arguably we should have met years before.  He tells me he was once a half decent track runner {apparently he used to race Mo Farah} but given his lack of running now I am not quite sure ;-). 

Bump arrived in our lives in summer 2017. I had a miscarriage in 2016, so when we found out I was pregnant it was rather surprising. Bump’s birth was anything but straightforward {see here for his birth story}. You can read all about Bump’s life in my monthly Life with Bump updates.

I hope this blog will be really interactive. I am not going to make motherhood seem sexy and glamorous, I will be honest. Hopefully we can have a real giggle as you join me on my journey to being a mummy. If you would like to contact me then please do e-mail me. You can follow the Birth of a Mummy on Facebook and Instagram but the best way to keep up with the site is to subscribe to my weekly newsletter here.

It is great to have you here my lovely, please do stick around!

Penny xxx


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