About Me

This is me, Penny, a thirty something mummy to be. I have alwaywanted children. I know it sounds corny but I feel that it is my calling. I thought it would be glamorous but with 4 weeks to go until my due date it feels anything but glamorous. Although it is very exciting!

Children are a big part of my life, I am an auntie to seven nieces and nephews ranging in age from 18 to 5, godmother a number of times over and I am also a prep school teacher, so yeah my days are pretty much 24/7 children. And now I am about to have a child of my own…at least I know how to change a nappy unlike my husband!

We are probably about 5 years behind the whole mummy blog “fad” but I thought I would give it a go. Anyone who knows me will be shocked I am doing this, I am normally a very private quiet person and I am not a good writer {thanks dyslexia}. I had an experience last year which made me realise that people need to share their experiences with each other {I will talk about this on the blog} so I thought a blog about my birth as a mummy would be a fantastic idea. Who knows what may come out of it, and, if anything, it will be a lovely record of my journey into motherhood and beyond.

A little about me…I live in West Berkshire with my husband in our little house which we are slowly trying to put our mark on. We occasionally have a dog living with us {Maisy and Elsa will, no doubt, feature on the blog at some point}. I am a Warwickshire girl at heart, it was my home for 30 years, but we moved to West Berkshire for work and I love it here.

I love horse riding, champagne {I can’t wait for my first sip after the birth}, South West France, trashy television {Made in Chelsea/Come Dine With Me}, Joules clothing, yummy food, John Lewis, Studio Gibli films and sunbathing in lush locations.

I am married to W. We met almost six years ago on a well-known dating website, although we had mutual friends, so arguably we should have met years before. He is a lawyer for an international law firm. He tells me he was once a half decent track runner {apparently he used to race Mo Farah} but given his lack of running now I am not quite sure ;-). He is a lover of ale, Liverpool FC, arranging holidays and travel, Porsches, the United States and is one massive aviation geek.

I hope this blog will be really interactive. I am not going to make motherhood seem sexy and glamorous, I will be honest. Hopefully we can have a real giggle as you join me on my journey to being a mummy. If you would like to contact me then please do e-mail me.

Penny xxx