Life With Bump: The Twelve Week Update

Life With Bump: The Twelve Week Update

We have reached the twelve week update mark! Three months! I think that deserves a congratulatory pat on the back. This is, without a doubt, the hardest thing I have ever done. The journey, so far, has been great. I have loved it so far, sure not every minute, but I have loved it.

I will allow myself to get a bit mushy now. We both feel so blessed to have such a gorgeous little boy, our rainbow baby. It is lovely watching him grow and change each day. Ok, enough mushy talk.


Life With Bump For Mummy


C-Section Recovery and Walking

What a long process this is turning out to be. Being frank with you all, I am getting a little frustrated by it.

My scar doesn’t hurt as much as it once did but, as I wrote in my last update {see here} even laughing sometimes catches me out. Then the other night I had eaten something that didn’t agree with me. I was sick and all of a sudden my scar started to really hurt!

In an attempt to regain some of my fitness and also to boost my weight loss (which isn’t working as it is yo-yoing) I have started taking Bump out 3-4 times a week for a power walk. I have chosen to walk the route I used to run. It has a killer hill that starts slowly, gets very steep and then ends slowly.  To be honest, having walked up it several times now, I can’t believe I ever ran it!

Thanks to a friend’s suggestion {she is a running mummy, check her out here on Instagram} I am aiming to do my first, post baby Parkrun in the New Year. The thought of doing a 5km worries me somewhat at the moment but it has to be done. I will feel better for it. On the plus side, the walking is getting me out of the house, even on days that Bump and I don’t have anything else planned.


The hill! {it doesn’t look like a hill in this picture sadly}

Breastfeeding: The End

I am going to write a separate post about this. I have so much to say on the subject that I can’t give the subject proper justice in this update.   The long and short of it is that I have stopped breastfeeding Bump.

Bringing a close to my breastfeeding story, proved to be an incredibly hard decision but one that had to be made.

From the start I knew that there was something a bit different about my milk supply. I never got engorged boobs. I never had to wear breast pads, my boobs didn’t leak and expressing was almost pointless.

Issues  first came to light when we had Bump’s first 2 weigh ins and he lost over 12% of his body weight {see here for the story}. At that point the midwife told us to top him up with formula. With a bit of perseverance {and with hindsight a lot of luck} we got Bump off the formula and back to my boob only for a bit. He started sleeping exceptionally well and I felt like I was winning.

Things then started to go backwards. He was waking 4-5 times in the night and was getting frustrated at feeds. He’d latch on try and suck and come off and this kept happening over and over again.

I had a chat with some people in the know and it was decided the best thing for Bump was to move him on to formula. He’d always had a bottle so he had no problem with that and, whilst I have really missed the breastfeeding at times, I know deep down that this was the best decision for my little boy.

I will talk about the emotional upheaval I had to reach the “I’m quitting stage” in the post I plan to do. My one take away, however, is that fed is best.


I know that I mentioned this in the last update, but oh my I have really struggled even more, combined with a baby who has become a cat napper. In fact I had a complete melt down at W because I was so tired. I am not surprised that lack of sleep is used as a form of torture.

I read the other day that during the first two years of your child’s life you lose 6 months of sleep! 6 whole months!!!!


Life With Bump: The Twelve Week Update

twelve week update

Gaining weight

Thank’s to Bump’s excellent weight gain at the 8 week health visitor appointment, we had been told not to come back for a weigh in until week 12. So week 12 arrived and it was off to the weigh in clinic {lol I am making it sound like a weight watchers class!}.

I was a little apprehensive. I had just switched Bump to formula, “what if the formula had caused him to lose lots of weight“?!?  Sure you can’t overfeed at breast fed baby but I am a little paranoid about overfeeding Bump with  formula. I have been sticking to the guidelines rigidly. There was no reason to expect a massive weigh gain but that still didn’t stop my mind trying to convince me there would be an issue.

There was certainly no reason to worry at all, in fact he had dropped below the 50th percentile. The health visitor said it was nothing to worry about but it cemented in my mind that the switch to formula was the right thing to do. I just kept thinking afterwards it could have been a greater drop had we stuck with the breastfeeding.

Another Leap

I wrote in may last update {read it here} about the Wonder Weeks and ‘leaps. Well I have to say these ‘leaps‘ seem to come thick and fast! Maybe it is a load of old tosh but I do think the ‘leaps‘ affect Bump slightly on a day to day basis. I feel very lucky that Bump seems to be a pretty relaxed baby so the ‘leaps‘ aren’t an awful time, they are more a time when I notice that Bump is really learning and developing. Linking nicely into my next update…

Always learning something new

One of the most wonderful part of being a mummy has been being given the change to watch Bump learn new things. Before I really investigated the Wonder Weeks, I just thought that each thing that Bump was doing was a bit random. We have A Very Hungry Caterpillar pram toy {here if you fancy buying it} and he just start batting at it. At first I thought that he was just randomly flailing his arms around. Oh no, what an uneducated fool I was being…. this was all part of his development.

I have loved watching him learn to smile and laugh, to see him grab at toys and investigate the way they make a noise. It made those first few, extremely hard weeks, so worth it. I am sure these wonderful moments are just the start.

Nap Time and Nighttimes

Or should that be what nap time? Oh how I miss the little boy who would nap for 2 hours at a time 2 to 3 times a day!! We seem to have lost the ability to nap, though having said that, we are currently on for nearly 1hr 45mins for today’s afternoon nap. Bump has become a cat napper who can’t seem to join his sleep cycles together during the day for his naps. I am not that worried about this cat napping. I am sure it is a phase. It is just an observation on my part from the last two weeks.

On the plus side the introduction of formula has settled Bump’s night sleeping. We feed around 7pm and he goes down to sleep about 7.30pm. I then dream feed him between 10-10.30pm which is usually followed by a good chunk of sleep until around 5am.

At 5am,  some nights I can just settle him back to sleep or its a quick top up and back to bed. He then tends to wake again between 7.30-8am and he just chills in his cot until you go and get him up.

I feel like I may really be tempting fate by posting stuff about his sleeping pattern. I am sorry to all you mummies who are struggling to keep your little ones asleep at night. Please don’t hate me.

The Stats

  • Age: 12 weeks
  • Length: 65 cm (At birth: 52cm)
  • Weight: 13lb 1/2oz (At birth: 8lbs 2)
  • Sleep: Good!

The next update

An announcement: this twelve week update marks the end of fortnightly updates on Bump. Going forward the Life with Bump series will be once a month. This will enable me to do some post on other topics.

So that was the three month update. My aim is to really get the comments on my posts flowing. Can you all please help out by leaving a comment below. I’d love to get a real sense of community on my blog. I know you are all reading my posts, so please do comment. How did you all find the first three months? Did any of you ditch in the breastfeeding like I did or did you persevere? Also don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Until the next update my lovelies… 

Penny x


  1. Tash
    11 November 2017 / 8:15 pm

    Hey Penny!

    I keep meaning to send you this in response to your latest blog post…👏🏻 Bloody well done you! – the stigma attached to breastfeeding is horrible as a new mummy and it really upset me at times, unfortunately not all of us can do it or enjoy it!
    I like you was having to “top” Emily up with formula as she was loosing weight, so much that we weren’t discharged from the midwife for 16 days!!
    I persevered with Bf’ing for 6 weeks in conjunction with expressing to keep up with demand, Emily clearly wasn’t getting enough directly from me,I was finding it painful and she was getting awfully frustrated, it wasn’t until I saw my 3rd lactation specialist that it was discovered that Emily was 90% tongue tied and I had mastitis 😳 As horrible as this was it was fixable!!!!!! Emily had a simple op, I got some antibiotics and all was well again, it was however the end of my Bf’ing experience as Emily just wasn’t interested to latch back on after her op, I felt awful, I cried, but I knew deep down it was the right thing to do!
    It really doesn’t matter how your baby is fed as long as they have full tummies! The breastfeeding police can do one!!!!!

    • Penny
      12 November 2017 / 12:24 pm

      Thanks Tash :-),

      Wow what a journey you had. Not nice at all 🙁 . I have done a more in-depth post on my breastfeeding journey that will be on the blog in the next couple of weeks.

      Breastfeeding is great. But it is only great if you can do it. The support networks do exist but, as you mentioned, it still doesn’t stop you from feeling bad if you can’t breastfeed. Mastitis is also something that wasn’t mentioned at all in the NHS ante-natal class we went to. Silly really given I have heard of lots of mummies suffering from it.

      Tongue tie is much more common than people think isn’t it. I am surprised that midwives etc aren’t hotter on checking for it. It cant have been nice for Emily or you. I presume the operation is fairly quick and is a day procedure?

      I hope Emily is much happier now and making the most of eating proper grown up food now. 😀

      Penny x

      • Tash
        15 November 2017 / 8:41 pm

        Absolutely, I’d never been told about the possibility of Mastitis either and it went undiagnosed for many days until I met that wonderful lactaction specialist who sorted everything out, to be honest though I probably missed signs myself in the whirlwind that is the first few days of motherhood,

        I’m a real advocate for BF’ing which made it all the harder to stop, but what really upset me and what I was getting at on my original post was the reactions I got from total strangers when formula feeding, from the tuts the glares to actual comments, I just couldn’t believe it! breastfeeding to me is a very personal thing and shouldn’t be forced on anyone.

        The midwife who delivered Emily noticed the tongue tie but it was deemed minor although I was told we would be referred to a ENT specialist whilst in hospital, unfortunately 3 days before Christmas on a very busy ward this was forgotten. Once we were referred though it was a quick procedure (mummy couldn’t watch 🙈) and all was well.
        I am very lucky to have a very small midwife lead maternity unit near where I live and the ladies there were phonomenal, I didn’t even mind spending Christmas Day there as they were so wonderful!, it’s a real shame as this unit is facing closure!!!
        I don’t really blame anyone for our experience, our NHS is fantastic just over stretched and Emily was really inconsiderate arriving 3 days before Christmas 🤣 X

        • Penny
          18 November 2017 / 8:57 am

          I completely agree about all the looks and stares. It isn’t on is it?

          The NHS is a great organisation isn’t, when you consider what other countries have by way of healthcare we are really lucky. It is just really overstretched. We have family members working in the NHS as both doctors and nurses and the hours they work are crazy.


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