Wow the seven month update in the Life with Bump series. With each month that passes we are creeping closer to Bump turning one {madness}. It also signals my impending return to work…. I am determined to make the most of the next couple of months as I am scared… View Post

I can’t quite believe it but our shared parental leave adventure has now come to an end. This morning my husband returned to work after seven weeks of shared parental leave {SPL}. To say the house is empty is an understatement. It was all very odd when the alarm went… View Post

As I type this, Bump is closer to his first birthday than his date of birth. How on earth did that happen? It is true that pregnancy seems to drag but once they arrive, time just flies by.  Anyway shall we get on with the six month instalment of Life… View Post

With W’s shared parental leave being in full swing, it seemed silly to not take advantage by heading away for a couple of days. Regular readers will know that I am a teacher. As such our holidays are constrained by school holidays. So this was a great opportunity to get… View Post

With W’s shared parental leave starting {read all about it here}, I haven’t had time to post the Life with Bump five month update. I have finally now found some time, especially as W is around and can look after Bump whilst I do more blogging and instagramming, so here… View Post